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  1. Maybe we all got perfect scores and they’re trying to prove we didn’t cheat.
  2. Not a rumor lol it’s what she said to me personally. Twice. But I’m hoping (as is everyone) she was messing with us too. The thought is that she intentionally recited the timeline for getting the scores on to the FBPE website to mislead us and get us to stop calling.
  3. Lisa at FBPE said it started when NCEES shared the results. most of us are thinking this must be inaccurate or a CYA response. maybe.
  4. Lisa was still extremely helpful and seemed to know her stuff. Not saying shes done anything wrong, just sharing her response.
  5. I and a few others spoke to the FBPE who quoted us 2-6 weeks for a audit process before release. This response is confirmed by others. hoping its a CYA response on their end
  6. I'm hoping she was intentionally giving the license number dates but she specifically repeated "before we release the results". Hopefully the emphasis referred to how long it would take FBPE to update the board website rather than how long it would take to give NCEES the go ahead. ...but I'm just as fearful all my hope is misplaced lol
  7. let me know what she says back, she said it to me with the utmost confidence lol. didnt even hesitate. still nice about it though
  8. positive. at least one other has had the same convo with her. just not positive of what SHES saying.
  9. yeah... I'm curious if thats what it takes for it to show up on FBPE or to show on NCEES. Florida has never seen one that lengthy, any reason that would change this year?
  10. Florida Just spoke to Lisa M (the one and only) at FBPE on the phone, told her I heard NCEES released the results and she said they received it and it would be 2-6 weeks before they released results. said they had to go through the results review process first... Has anyone else gotten this line or is this the terrifying truth??
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