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  1. Ha. I took my FE in 2004, and my husband took his in 2005. You're just a young whippersnapper.
  2. They did not send out an email, but my husband's status changed to something like "Awaiting Fee" and he logged in and paid and has an active status and license number now.
  3. Our family went out for dinner. Tried a new BBQ place, it was delicious.
  4. Done! I can honestly say that the information that this board provided helped my husband study and probably was the reason he passed the first time. I definitely learned about several reference materials (MERM and the NCEES CBT reference document) that were very useful.
  5. No problem. :) Congrats on your pass! I'm super excited for my husband (more than he is, really). I have my EIT but can't take the PE (work experience doesn't meet criteria), so I've been trying to help him and honestly I think the information we got from this board is the reason he passed. I found SO much information here about study materials that we wouldn't have known about if we just used the NCEES site exclusively. Time to go give a donation to the site, for sure. :)
  6. Ohio results came out, email from NCEES at 12:32 PM ET
  7. I created my account just to post this. :) My husband passed the mechanical MDM, first try. So proud! Thanks for this board, I've been lurking and got a lot of the information on where to buy the prep materials for him from it.
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