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  1. They just updated the overall percentages for OCT pass rates. Outliers: Repeat takers on Vertical buildings... Repeat takes on Lateral bridges!
  2. I can't believe some states haven't received their results yet... I would riot! (JOKE)
  3. Don't give up man! That's a good score... You'll almost definitely pass next time! Sometimes the questions that we're the most comfortable with are the ones we miss, because we don't scrutinize our answers enough.. Dont quit. So close!
  4. Damn Texas be coming out of nowhere swinging. Phew.
  5. No updates on the result release? Looks like it might not even be until mid next week?
  6. It should be noted he also has a PhD
  7. No response on when they would release it?
  8. Couple of questions: What's your salary now? How many years have you been there? What state? Does your company typically promote you when you get licensed?
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