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  1. VA Out. Failed first attempt
  2. Sorry to hear this. Looks like your afternoon sessions were on point though.
  3. Does this mean we will get results today, or not likely?
  4. Sorry to hear that. Which course did you take? Edit: NVM. I guess I should have finished reading the thread. I saw a few others ask you the same thing.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but they still aren't being released until later. Edit: My NCEES still says SE and if VA has been released wouldn't I have gotten results by now?
  6. This topic is for the SE, not the PE
  7. Exactly what i was wondering. Their field says electrical so I'm thinking PE
  8. Welp, I've been a lurker now for about a week and I decided to join to add to the cute pets pics. So here are mine...
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