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  1. Sorry to hear the news about the exam guys. It's crazy to think how quickly this has escalated even since Wednesday. In Denver they just cancelled all Catholic masses and gatherings. Everest expeditions are off. All NCAA sports. Sadly the Post Malone concert here wasn't cancelled last night but anyway. One of my colleagues was booking a hotel for the PE on Monday and he was asking me where to stay and I gave him a few options, but at the last second I said you know they would never cancel the PE but in case there was an outbreak in that area and had to move the exam location maybe just find a hotel that has a cancelation policy. A lot has changed since the start of the week. Luckily he can cancel the hotel. Wishing you guys the best of luck in deciding your next move! My advice would be just take the weekend that you thought you were going to have to be studying and just relax and regroup and then on Monday figure out your next move.
  2. The legend himself!!! So how has your career taken off since you became famous on the NCEES?
  3. Aw man! Any luck? Would you take a different discipline in the spring or wait till the fall to take it again.
  4. Oh sorry I missed this haha. A bit all over the place lately. Hope you guys had a good time!
  5. Hi! Apologies as I'm new here. I just passed the PE in Colorado. Anyway I am interested in the California PE. I'm not desperate to take it in the spring as I've basically been studying for year (2 attempts to pass the PE). Anyway I just wanted to know the process to go through to get approved to sit for the exam as far as references, letters of rec, when exams are offered. Basically the who shebang. I basically know nothing about the exam. I also would like some insight on whether it's a good idea to get it. My supervisor did recommend I try to get it if I wanted to as it would really help me move up at some point as our company does a decent amount of work in California and while there's quite a few PEs there not a lot with the CA PE. Although at the same time this might set it up for me basically having to move there. Anyway thanks for any advice!
  6. So I majored in Mining Engineering in college, but the past three years I've been working in civil transportation so I decided to do civil transportation rather than mining. I took SoPE in the Spring 2019 and failed and I actually wasn't even close. It really wasn't their fault as I didn't apply myself very well and I didn't take it seriously. They give you a free redo so I used it for the Fall exam and I really applied myself this time and studied hard and I passed easily (easily as in I knew the second I walked out of the exam I knew I passed). No experience with EET but it really is up to you on how you apply yourself. No class is a guaranteed pass unless you put in the time outside of class as well. I'd recommend School of PE but it really depends on your schedule. I didn't really like the EET schedule format and the School of PE seemed more reasonable for my schedule. I did want to do live however as it keeps you accountable as opposed to the on demand.
  7. No you're totally fine. I bought a few practice exam books online. The one that really helped for the morning was Civil PE Practice Exams Bible. After I did the School of PE I went through those problems and really tried to understand how to do all of them. This helped tremendously. I also improved my tabbing for both morning and afternoon. I probably did close to 1500 practice problems and since I had to flip through my notes each time I basically had my notes memorized exactly where to go. Also the HCM and other books at that point I knew exactly where to go. The weekend before the exam I took the NCEES practice exam they sell on their website and treated it exactly like an exam. I started the time at 8:00 AM took the morning exam and worked through the problems. Then I stopped at noon and took an hour lunch break and then at 1:00 PM started the afternoon. It got me used to the time limits and the timing on the problem. This gave me lots of confidence as I got 60/80 on the practice test and the ones I missed I made silly mistakes. I actually learned a lot from the NCEES practice exam because the afternoon although there were problems that you could solve in seconds by looking something up in a table, I made a lot of mistakes by looking up the wrong table or information so I made that a note to really make sure on those "easy" lookup ones to make sure you are in the right place. Honestly I'd say the practice problems. Variations of practice problems too. Not every problem is the same even though they might look like it and if you really understand how to do each one and whatever curve ball they throw at you on the exam. The only way to simulate that is to just do more and more and more practice problems to the point where it's just clicking. Anyway I hope this helps.
  8. I passed this time around on my second attempt. My first time in the Spring was 24/19 so I wasn't really even close. This time I started around Labor Day. I did School of PE and I really focused on the things that I did bad on but also I focused on the things that I did good on as well from the first exam. Basically I studied everything. Since I identified what I was good at from the diagnostic I did those first and I had 20 questions in the morning solved an hour into the exam. That was a huge boost to my confidence and because I had so much time left I was able to work through the other problems that I probably wouldn't have been able to solve if I only had 6 minutes. Anyway did the same thing for the afternoon and walked out of the exam knowing that I passed. Probably 250 hours of studying but since it was my second attempt, a lot of my tabbing had been done. Anyway best of luck to people studying more. I think the best advice I would give and I really took this to heart (take this as constructive criticism). There is a reason that you failed the first time. When I took it the first time I knew I failed the second I left the room. Basically I said what do I need to do to get to a point where I can pass this. I completely revamped my studying techniques and it made a huge difference on test day. If you study the exact same way over and over and over again you will get the same result. The only difference might be if you guessed a little better one time as opposed to another. Anyway best of luck to everyone taking it in the future. Let me know if you have any questions about studying. I did School of PE so I definitely recommend them.
  9. So does DORA mail you a copy of your license to you or is that something you have to order (similar to your unofficial transcripts). My employer needs the actual license certificate and I just want to know how to go about it.
  10. Year and Major? I'm spring 2011 Mining Engineering. I switched to civil transportation 3 years ago. Couldn't do the field work anymore.
  11. Cheers to being the last two states!!!
  12. I failed in the Spring 2019 and passed in the Fall 2019. I took the School of PE both times, but I really didn't study very hard the first time around and mostly was distracted during the live video classes. In the Fall I decided to take it really seriously and really focused on the notes and paying attention in the videos. When I got to the exam I was humming and I was shocked that even problems that I had no idea when I initially saw them, I was able to use the SoPe notes to work through it and I actually solved them. I came in with a lot of confidence that second time and I left knowing that I passed. I highly recommend the School of PE. I have no experience with EET but I'm sure that it's comparable. Honestly it's all about the amount of time you put into it. I've talked to people who failed other disciplines and then they switched over to transportation thinking it would be easy but then they come out of it saying oh my gosh that was way harder than I thought. It is a PE Exam so it's going to be difficult otherwise anyone could do it. Anyway no matter whether you do EET, School of PE or just study on your own you are going to have to put in a lot of time. 200 - 400 hours is not an understatement. The first time I put in maybe 100 hours and it really showed when I got to the test. This time I was around 250 hours and it really showed as well. I think more than anything School of PE provided a roadmap for how to study. Like here's a problem and here's how you go through it step by step. But it's your job to study on your own doing practice problems and tabbing and working through things to get yourself ready for the exam. Just advice to those looking to take it in the future.
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