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  1. Definitely deficient for afternoon geotech almost all of my coworkers recommended testmasters and my office paid for the class so I took it. Looking back, The people that passed using testmasters were either transportation or construction depths I wrote them to let them know that the Geotechnical portion of their class did not help me at all on the afternoon portion. I found out I have free access to PPI2Pass so I’m using that course to work problems. I’m just going to work as many problems as possible until I retake in April. I’m also considering making my own formula sheets We are both going to get it next time!
  2. 38/80 Civil - Geotech (first time taker) Used testmasters on-demand course
  3. Did you receive an email from the board with the license? or are you already on the roster?
  4. I have one friend that failed 6 times and passed on the 7th try. She passed with Construction Depth. I have another friend that failed 4 times and passed on the 5th try. She took Testmasters and passed with Transportation Depth. I took the PE -Geotechnical Depth, but the Testmasters course I took had a great transportation depth review. The Testmasters Geotech review did not help me at all on the exam.
  5. I took the test in TX and just received an email from NCEES telling me I can log in to see my results.
  6. I took it in TX and just received an email from NCEES about results being available. I don't want to look!
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