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  1. @The Running Man no worries.. yeah i hear ya..same here.. kind of all over place with work. Let's grab beers...!! @MadamPirate PE bring your fun buddy too..
  2. Sweet... I'll be there in 15. just leaving the house.
  3. @MadamPirate Sounds like a plan. Let's do saturday 6pm at Ohm Brewery. Who else is down for the meetup colorado folks? Also i can give away my binders (Codes + Sample problems/answers) if anyone need one.
  4. Happy New Year all!. Sounds like a plan. no objections here. @The Running Man ? I'm free this saturday or next weekend.
  5. I can print mine.
  6. bon fire "little giant" breakfast burrito... So freaking good..
  7. @MadamPirate @The Running Man is early next year works for you two ? who else is down ? i'm thinking may be we can head to a brewery in a friday afternoon/evening or something?
  8. Who is down for celebratory drinks meet up ?
  9. It's funny on the phones each person at DORA giving different directions and they had me submit the online DORA application. Thankfully i passed and saved the $100 hahaha..
  10. I called Dora and they asked me to submit an application to get the result released. so i did. it's so weird. i don't think they know what they are doing with this new process.
  11. :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( this sucks man..........
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