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  1. Hey Che'! I did the Other Discipline because I felt more confident cramming/learning general topics than some of the specific Civil questions. There were some theories in Civil that I often confused, so I didn't want that added pressure. I used the Michael Lindeburg's FE Review Manual for practice problems. I developed a good study plan after reading 30-Minute EIT by Joel Erway. Downside of doing the Other Discipline was that I think I studied more than my peers who did the Civil. Compare the sections/subjects of two disciplines, and see which one you think you'd be more comfortable studying/reviewing. Good luck!
  2. Injury T_T I got a herniated disc doing back squats. Turns out that front squats put less stress on it ^_^
  3. I'll achieve perfection when i can front squat 3 plates
  4. Test Results: ESFJ-A/ESFJ-TDegree field(s) : BS/MS Civil EngineeringPE exam(s): Civil - StructuralCurrent work type: Mid to highrise structural engineering
  5. Checking but not as anxiously as I did for my results lol
  6. Just Pass. If you didn't pass, you get a diagnostic which breaks down your performance for the different subjects
  7. I had to take it twice, and I felt better with things still fresh in my mind. Took them back to back. Part of the test is how comfortable you are navigating through a myriad of problems. I like to get things out of the way especially since I'm a ball of anxiety. If you decide to do it in April, just be sure to give yourself a long deserved break. I gave myself about 1 months to unwind when I didn't pass the first time.
  8. In a prev. post someone expressed how burned out they were from the first round, and had a hard time dedicating the right efforts. They recommended taking a break to recover so that you can give it your best shot. I think it's based on the person though
  9. Ugh same. Thought NY would've been like 1 hour after the first states
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