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  1. You brought a good point!! I start not cheating in to the results and that works. Obviously, looks that I didn't try hard in the temporary structures and earthwork sections.
  2. How similar are those practice exam to the original exam?
  3. Reading all what you did, sound like you pushed yourself through too much. This time just be constant with 3-4 hrs of study M-F and Weekends 6hrs. No distractions, I know is a little bit difficult with two kids (son and husband) lol because I'm in the same boat, but we can do this! My advice and is what I will do is start studying the topics where more I failed, focused in practicing and understanding the concept to apply similar problems, but not the same. I was very confident that I did a great morning, thinking that nailed 30 of the 40 and I only did 22 correct, in the afternoon I though that I failed and I did 26 correct (i'm including my diagnostic report). With that being said, the key is not be too confident and double check each questions thinking out of the box. Also, we can do an online support group to discuss problems, this will help.
  4. TSLT2010

    Cut Scores

    I wish we can have more information to get a better cut score... but yes, you are right, I got 48 (22AM/26PM) and looks like 54-56 is probably a good approximated... I confident that I almost pass. 😪
  5. TSLT2010

    Cut Scores

    yeah!! I knew that but I didn't check the discipline of people talking here lol 😂
  6. looks like I need your help with Earthwork Construction Layout lol
  7. looks like I need your help with Earthwork Construction Layout lol
  8. looks like I need your help with Earthwork Construction Layout lol
  9. looks like I need your help with Earthwork Construction Layout lol
  10. TSLT2010

    Cut Scores

    If what you're saying is right, I did 48/80 and I didn't pass ... Looks like i was so close to pass it!!!
  11. AM: Water resource - I'm having issues in fluids more than nothing. I don't even know exactly in the test I did 3/7, which I think I could o better. PM: Earthwork construction and layout where I did 2/6 and Temp Structures 0/7 😪. This last section include several formwork problems that you need to do with different reference manuals at least 4 of the 7 supposed to be answered using manuals. Indeed, I used the manuals, I went to the pages where talk about the problems, but couldn't answer correctly. So probably I need to practice several problems using this manuals, but the SOPE only provided one problem for each book, which is not enough for me to understand and cover different points of view.
  12. I had all of them, but don't know why the review for water is not helping me. I'm struggling hard!
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