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  1. Congrats! I'll just be over here twiddling my thumbs.... *Stares off into space*
  2. Just got an email back from DOL asking for an updated timeline (since the originally stated 3 weeks from December 12 has blown by) and they said to give them one more week. I'll believe it when I order my stamp.
  3. Pretty sure we deserve our PE's just for the amount of work we are putting in on trying to read the licensing tea leaves.
  4. As far as I can tell, if you use the search for all license types (not just engineers) they are usually sequential but occasionally skip a number or two. One I found has two different professional engineers just licensed under one number, so good luck to those two people. The highest number I found as of this posting is 20111197 which is chronologically out of order as it is listed as issued Jan 8th. 20111196 was issued yesterday, the 14th. 20111176 was the first license issued this week so at this rate they seem to be licensing less than ten per day.....
  5. I added up the 2020 issued licenses for the top ten counties in the state (by population). There are a total of 27 newly licensed engineers in those ten counties. So it seems like it may be a bit if they are licensing 700 people (per HelluvaPE's post on page 2) that passed.
  6. It looks like engineers are no longer separated out as I've found several Architects and an appraiser in the same range as the license number shown above. Well, guess that makes it harder to follow along via the license search.
  7. Huh. Looks like they've gone rogue with the numbering convention. Well, both glad they are licensing people finally and jealous that I don't have one. How did you find your number, was it through your account or a search of your name?
  8. Really? I can't find anything for my name or the next sequential numbers. You got a screenshot you wanna share?
  9. It'd be nice if they started licensing people at all if it's going to take three weeks....since they haven't added a single new license since the end of October. I still think this must have something to do with the switch to the new platform and if my name being wrong in the system is any indication I'm guessing there have been some major issues with getting things moved over.
  10. Ditto. I have to assume it has something to do with the switch to a new online platform since they haven't issued a single license since the end of October-and transferred platforms in November. Just a reminder to log in and check that your name is correct on the new platform as mine had only my first name and middle initial somehow despite all my application files and correspondence having my correct full name.
  11. Yeah, while what I asked about was the wall certificate I got the impression that the license numbers wouldn't be much ahead of the wall certificates being mailed. Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't appear they have added a single new license since October 29 (no licenses via exam or comity).
  12. When I called to correct my name in the online system they said to give them a month for wall certificates. I was hoping they were exaggerating but I’m no longer expecting it until 2020.
  13. It's important to remember that the test is nothing like the engineering that most of us do on a day-to-day basis. I'm in transportation, and even the few things that are relevant to my day-to-day would never ever be done without software and tools and other resources you can't take to a test, it's just a much different scale between real world problems and exam problems. The test isn't really measuring your worth as an engineer but your ability to take a grueling test that mostly covers things you first learned in your 4 year degree.
  14. I think they are referring to bringing all references listed in the NCEES exam specifications. I think that’s overkill, but here are the things I took, and I died every single one of them but didn’t feel like I was missing anything: CERM HCM AASHTO Green Book (note new version for April exam) PROWAG Guidelines (free download, just print and bind. HSM MUTCD AASHTO Roadside Design Guide I also had worked out problems and some practice problem books which were helpful for a few things the rest of the listed references are less common and I don’t think necessary, but your mileage may vary
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