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  1. I'm still waiting, too...let us know when you get yours!
  2. OMG I FINALLY GOT IT. Good lord, that was ridiculous. Good luck to the rest of y'all who are waiting. Sending good vibes that you'll get it ASAP.
  3. I really appreciate the update! I *HATE* being that person, but I think I'm gonna start making phone calls. This is so unacceptable.
  4. So uh...has anyone else gotten their number since last week? Slowly losing my sanity here...
  5. Ugh, I'm still so bitter about the guy on the phone telling me over and over that it's "always" taken them this long to assign numbers. This is really maddening!
  6. It's hard to say if they meant 3 weeks from the results date or 3 weeks from now. Between my phone conversation and the email that was posted here a few days ago, I kinda took it as 3 weeks from now
  7. I finally broke down and called to ask about number assignments. I got the same "3 weeks" answer that was given 4 days ago (grrr). I politely explained that "I know it's not going to change anything or make it any quicker, but a lot of us are waiting for license numbers before we can get promotions or raises, so this is costing each of us hundreds of dollars in potential earnings each week, which is particularly unfortunate around the holidays." I was then told that it always takes them this long to issue numbers for 700 people, but I looked back through the EB boards for the last 5-6 cycles, and numbers were previously issued within the first 1-2 weeks, so I 100% call bull on that, but they were very insistent that it ALWAYS takes this long. It's so incredibly frustrating. Anyway, I thought I'd share the "latest" info. Sorry, guys...
  8. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. One of the longest waits for exam results and seemingly the longest wait for licensing in years. Damn this cursed exam cycle. Thank you for getting in touch with them and reporting back!
  9. Yep. The last number was 58202. So glad I'm not the only one who's annoyed with the wait...
  10. We're still waiting for the license numbers to be assigned I'm not holding my breath for it to happen this week. I'm waiting to have the raise/promotion conversation with my boss until I get my number, so this is irritating. Ok, that's enough ranting for Christmas
  11. I'm heading to Disneyland in 2 weeks to celebrate! Booked my trip on Thursday after I found out, haha. Have an awesome time!!!
  12. Yup. I don't have a dog in this fight (live in Seattle, found out I passed last Thursday - YAY!), but I'm glued to this thread and just wanna say: 1) I'm glad I moved to Washington so I could get my results sooner. 2) P sure it's just a buncha u[sic]ga grads 2-finger-pecking away at a keyboard with one keystroke every 10 minutes. The other 9 minutes and 59 seconds are spent trying to convince recruits that Athens = Atlanta. 3) To Hell With georgia.
  13. Yoooooooo, congratulations big guy!!!!! Well done!!!!!!
  14. Hey, thanks for the reminder!!! I tried looking for the requirements for when I can add it to my name but to no avail, so thanks for the heads up! Any idea how long it takes to get your license number? Is it something that happens in days, or should I give it a month or so?
  15. Thank you! I've gotta say -- it's been a hell of a ride to get here. This year was already shaping up to be the best year of my life -- I *finally* declared defeat on a 2.5-year battle with serious depression (yes, I know the war rages on, but the battle is won for now!), checked off several bucket list items, went to my college best friend's Indian wedding at a luxury resort in Tuscany, and celebrated the day I outlived my dad, who died when I was 1. Passing this exam was the one thing I was waiting on to seal the deal, and it happened!!!!! I screamed and sobbed and instantly knew I'd made my dad proud
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