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  1. Well I haven't heard back from DOL yet but I can tell you that if your theory is correct I got screwed over lol. My birthday is May 20th, which is exactly 123 days after January 18th..... I'll let you all know if I hear back from the DOL.
  2. Yea, this new system must be a doozy. I got an email around 10:00 am saturday with the news of the liscense issuance. Odd though that expires this year. I know that the licenses have to be renewed every two years and that they expire on our birthdays. But my birthday is in may and it shows that my liscense expires may 2020. Seems not quite right. I emailed the board asking if that was correct. Does anyone else have this issue?
  3. Seriously..... two whole months they are making us wait?!
  4. This wait is crazy to me! I think they are just telling people 3 weeks as an arbitrary answer, hoping that we will leave them alone for just a little longer.
  5. I broke down and emailed the liscensing board about a timeline of when I could expect the license number to be issued.... and they said 3 more weeks!! This is just crazy.
  6. Agreed, but they seem to be dragging thier feet in releasing the liscense numbers. I have a couple of projects ready to be submitted that I really wanted to sign/stamp. Oh well... I guess the wait continues.
  7. Yea, I've been checking as well. I just started getting worried when my co-worker who passed in april told me he had his liscense number in 8 days. I figured the holidays would delay things, but it is definitely nice to know it's not just me waiting.
  8. Has anyone recieved thier liscense number yet? I was hoping to see it before Christmas.... but the holiday and new years, I'm just hoping to see it before mid january!
  9. Washington State. My email was stamped 10:49 AM Pacific Time and I passed!!!!
  10. Man.... being on the west coast sort if sucks right about now. Our offices aren't even open yet... I'm just hoping Washington decides to to release today and not first thing tomorrow (like they did for the april exam).
  11. I've worked in Moses Lake for a few years now and recently learned of the back story. The airport is MWH and all the military guys used to say Moses Lake Watering Hole and then just shortened it to Moses Hole.
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