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  1. RIP everyone waiting for results.
  2. I would really read through the IRC especially chapters 3 through 9 as well as your state amendments. Depending on your location and house type the foundation might be pretty prescriptive or require a decent amount of thought. Frequently the state amendments will have most of the information you need for a typical house in typical conditions. If you are doing a truss roof you don't need to design anything. Just provide the fabricator with your plans and roof layout and they will design them all and provide you a stamped plan with calculations to determine your wall loading this is a part of the purchase price of the truss. I have an interesting book call the design of wood structures which may be well suited for someone of your skill level it is a little technical but could be helpful. There is also this video of an old school guy framing which is something every house designer should know. Also watch this old house!
  3. I'm 750 just for the application, test and license, probably spent another 450 on books, didn't do any courses though.
  4. My state asks for 300 more to get your license. all told i think I'm ~750 in the hole for the state application, the NCEES test, and now the license fee.
  5. just got an emailed letter from RI 10:45 pm I passed!
  6. every time you f5 you have to wait an extra minute for your results
  7. Mass hysteria? Check! I guess now we need to sacrifice someone...
  8. And they are usually written to be way more restrictive than is actually legally enforceable depending on the state you are in.
  9. If anything the parallel should make anyone take a second thought before they cancel it.
  10. @RBHeadge PE I'm past phase 5. Acceptance, I'm not angry anymore I have accepted that I will never receive my results and moved on. I guess I'll just give up on this whole engineering thing as a career and find something else to do.
  11. This drama is the distraction I need to distract me from obsessing over the PE results which are already distracting me from doing real work.
  12. Just because the crackhead who lives in the alley behind your apartment said it doesn't mean its true. He also said the world was ending last month and we're still here.
  13. Yup they know you failed before anyone else is notified. You failed time to sign up again.
  14. In cali? I think you meant "I'm hungry and warm" Its 33 degrees where I am at nearly mid day.
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