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  1. My e-mail dropped at 12:04 as well.
  2. I hope whatever you do to the results map reflects Georgia in the worst possible light. We've been taking xanax since last Thursday and it still hasn't officially been released. We only know from using the license lookup.
  3. No e-mail in the spam either. Anyone else have their name on the website but didn't get an e-mail?
  4. Nice. I saw my name added on the SOS website list of cool people, but I haven't received any such e-mail.
  5. gape might get misinterpreted
  6. with a pass rate in the 60s
  7. OH NO!! They started adding "by comity" people. WTF is their deal??
  8. The ones added aren't alphabetical, nor are they geographically the same, I wonder if they're going discipline by discipline?
  9. Are you still 'Results Pending' on the NCEES login?
  10. Anyone called and cussed the sos folks out yet?
  11. Looks like Colorado released. That makes GA the 1st Worst.
  12. HOW can it take this long per entry?
  13. So we're saying the 4 or so they've added have nothing to do with the October exam?
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