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  1. I recently took the FE Mechanical Exam on November 16th (based on the title of this thread, it didn't go as well as planned). I will say it wasn't really what I expected. I have been studying off and on for a few months (had to reschedule my first exam due to traveling and eventually relocating to a new state for work). I was surprised seeing how poorly I performed on the first part of the exam. I scored fairly average on the 2nd half, which I was also surprised about since I did a lot more guessing throughout these sections. My company reimburses for all classes/study materials I purchase, but I'm not sure if I want to spend $500-1000 on prep courses, unless anyone thinks it's truly worth it. The study materials I possess at the moment are the Lindeburg FE Mechanical Exam practice problems and the NCEES Mechanical Practice Exam. I see people suggesting "Complete more practice exams" but after researching I saw the two I currently have were the most recommended resources. What should be my approach going forward? Also. hypothetically, would I have been in good shape to pass if I would have performed more average on the morning session? Also, I saw people saying to register for the General FE exam. Any thoughts on that? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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