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  1. JP87


    Anyone who already received the cancelation email have their dashboard updated? Mine hasn't switched over... Already canceled my hotel rsvp....
  2. Hope for the best and expect the worst!... I'm Jk. lol I also recommend AEI. I'm only a few lectures in right now and I can tell you IMHO it's already better than PPI's...about the same price though.
  3. Yea...Best to contact the board...I only know cause I was reading their structural engineer application and it says it on there.
  4. Oregon only accepts the SE Buildings exam - There may be more out there...
  5. I work in Los Angeles, but I'm taking the SE earlier than the California Board allows by taking it in Nevada. Last cycle I took it at the Las Vegas site.
  6. Vertical is usually offered with all the PE's taking their exams. Lateral is on Saturday and is typically just the SE's. So yea, Friday we had over 200 people in the room then Saturday there was 15 of us. lol There's a sense of pride when all those PE's look at you and your mountain of books you've brought with you and they think you came way over prepared for the PE exam lmao.
  7. I'm signed up for both Vertical and Lateral. 🙂 Took the exam last cycle...didn't pass. All I can say is that given great stress, a time constraint, and the loud silence of 200+ people flipping pages... It's amazing what the human mind is capable of locating deep down within the dark crevices of code manuals and design guides that you never knew existed in order to solve those problems. 🤷‍♂️
  8. See ya bright and early.... 7:30am my time.😴
  9. Also, make sure you're using the "AEI Connect" portal.
  10. Try emailing the instructor Dr. Ibrahim. There's been a few people having trouble finding things with the new layout and such. I have the live courses, so I'm not sure if the same interface is available to you as it is for me, but there should be a tab for "Content"
  11. I remember that problem - I received "Acceptable" on it, however needed improvement on two others of the afternoon problems. Without going into detail on the forum of the problem I do remember seeing several traps that were set up to trip you on the design and certain design values used from both the Steel Manual and ASCE 7-10. I do agree with you that without being able to discuss the problem in detail, or see what you did wrong on your solution it's pretty much impossible to know where to improve. The only positive insight I can offer is that odds are your logic was fine and you knew how to do the problem, but maybe just got tripped up on using the wrong value somewhere in the design/analysis.
  12. JP87

    AEI SE Lectures

    Signed up for both Vertical and Lateral classes for the April 2020 SE. Round 2 😭
  13. Signed up today for the AEI courses. Gonna try and actually put in 100% effort on the example problems...The feeling in my stomach I got when I saw those bright red and white "Unacceptable" on my NCEES dashboard will keep me motivated...
  14. Yea, It did say in the information section that it won't change your afternoon score so if you know you did poorly there, then there's no point in doing.
  15. I feel the exact same! It doesn't feel like my results are correct. I don't doubt that I possibly failed - I'm not debating that, but my results were definitely not a reflection of the exam that I remember taking. I somehow received a "IR" for Steel but "Acceptable" for Wood...Steel is my strongest, and wood I've only done a very little amount of even in industry. I decided to actually try the $75 manual verification - I don't think it's gonna change anything, but I can't shake that feeling of "somethings wrong here"...and Damnit, I need closure! LOL. I'll let you know what happens if it helps.
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