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  1. First time passer: Went through EngProGuides study guide first back in June. Did all the practice problems from that course. Did 2 months of Zach Stone's course. Printed out all course material. Did half of the live classes (IMO basically repeats of the videos, but somewhat helpful.) Did all the quiz problems from Zach stone's course. Went through Graffeo's book. Did 5 practice tests (Graffeo, NCEES, 2x EngPro, ZachStones) Did some School of PE questions. Made big binders of all the problems from the aforementioned sources, catalogued them, and repeatedly went through them noting which ones I got wrong, came back, did the problems I got wrong. Did CI Code review practice problems for NEC. Brought to test: Personal binders of questions with index, grouped by problem type. All code books listed in exam guide. Zach Stone's material, tabbed. EngProGuides material, tabbed. Wildi (used for a couple) Camara (didn't really use) Glover - Power Systems Analysis and Design (very helpful) FE Reference Manual (didn't use) Assortment of notes on Econ questions. Didn't help. Wish I had a better guide for these freebie questions. Tom Henry's NEC lookup (very handy.) All in all I did about 900 problems (some multiple times) and put in a solid 2 months hardcore 16-20 hours per week, and 2-3 months 12 hours a week or less. I wish I had brought some other Power System textbooks to cover big theory type questions (grainger?) I also wish I had brought the NEC handbook. Some of those code questions are hard to parse, and there are a lot of them on the NEC. Hope that helps someone. I'd recommend Zach Stone. I wouldn't have gotten a decent handle on Rotating Machines without it, having never taken that class in school. I think his approach to Rotating Machines is particularly easy to grasp. I liked EngProGuides for fault theory.
  2. Are the more experienced EBers out there feeling like MO is coming tomorrow based on past results?
  3. There is a long-running "joke" on this site that if you get the NCEES survey, you have failed. DO NOT BELIEVE ANY OF THIS. IT IS NONSENSE. EVERYONE gets the survey. There is no way to know if you have passed or failed before the official timeline. There are other jokes they try as well, like saying if you can go into NCEES and try to register for the next PE Exam and you can, you have failed. DON'T believe this one either. Just wait for your results like the rest of us.
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