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  1. Not to sound rude, but you should have a left your company 10 years ago. Also, If you are working in Building systems/MEP then you should not have waited 15 years to get your PE. MEP is all about the PE! Keep looking and be persistent. Make your LinkedIn profile pop out to recruiters. I was not thrilled with the salary grown I was getting compared to my responsibility/experience growth. I polished up my LinkedIn account and clicked that little "Looking" button. Two months later I had completed a few awesome interviews and found myself accepting a job with a 40% salary increase, amazing benefits, and a great work environment.
  2. I want more acronyms after my name than the amount of characters in my name. I’m thinking MBA, PE, CAP, PMP, CSFE
  3. Enjoying my off day. Binge watching breaking bad
  4. Mechanical (Control Systems if I Pass) Process Control/Control Systems
  5. 18 work days left in the year for me! Woohoo!
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