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  1. Good news is you are now familiar with the format of the test. I was out of school for 11 years and took WRE. I had on-demand EET and SoPE and studied for a year+ prior (originally I was going to take Oct 18, then Apr 19, but life got in the way). I think your major downfall the last test was not re-reviewing information. This pattern of study should work well for you too. I set aside ~2 hours a day for studying where I could; 45 minutes at lunch, some time after the kids went to bed, etc. Weekends I would try to study 3-4 hours when I could. Every few days I would switch topics and then start again. I tabbed the heck out of my CERM and relied on that for 90-95% of the test, but Construction probably needs additional references for the PM portion. I think one of the craziest and helpful tasks I did was re-tabbing everything the last weekend. I color coded and organized the tabs so they weren't everywhere. By doing this I reviewed where everything was, made notes to other pages/references where needed, and had a fresh overview of the information. You got this!
  2. I can't help on the Construction PM stuff but for AM and Water Resources: Check out CivilEngineeringAcademy on YouTube (there is a website too). They have a bunch of problems they work through. I copied each problem to attempt before watching the full video. Very Helpful.
  3. Feels like I am going to wake up and not have results yet πŸ˜ƒ
  4. CivilEngineeringAcademy the opening of the videos still haunt me but they were very useful πŸ˜ƒ
  5. The Transportation people had soooo many references. I felt so under prepared in comparison.
  6. These tests are difficult. You now have an idea of the areas to focus harder on. Next time!
  7. The PM was tough IMO. There was a lot I hadn't seen/reviewed. At 1 hr left I had 13 problems left that I had to go back to finish.
  8. @Riri Have you been working from the School of PE & EET material during the test or from a flagged CERM? I found tagging the crap out of the CERM from SoPE and EET, and any other practice question material and then going back and re-tagging so they were in order and color coded (I'm a little crazy) really helped me. I printed out the index and bound separately with the conversion tables. I used the CERM for 95% of the test. Check out CivilEngineeringAcademy on YouTube (there is a website too). They have a bunch of problems they work though. I copied each problem to attempt before watching the full video. Very Helpful. I found any problem work-through video online I could find as I am a visual learner and needed a refresh of everything (out of school for 10+ years). I used Lindeburg's Practice Problems for the Environmental Engineering PE Exam and that was useful even though the questions had many many parts (a - q). Six Minute Solutions for Civil PE Exam Environmental Problems and Civil PE Exam Water Resource Problems was useful as well. I did not like Lindeburg's Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam (12 ed) at all, nor Goswai or Jahanian's Practice Exams.
  9. @Riri Sorry to hear that. What discipline are you focused?
  10. Seriously... I'm like $3k invested. $350 in Oct 2018 PE Exam- Had to No Show due to unforeseen circumstances $1000 in School of PE (for 2018) April 2019 didn't fit my schedule $550 in EET (2019) $350 in Oct 2019 PE Exam $400 in books and other materials
  11. @kohkohpuffz I hope you did as well.
  12. SB_VA

    Maryland is Out

    @civilrobot ::hugs:: It was a tough test.
  13. Congrats! Got to love Indiana... You Passed, now send up money. πŸ˜ƒ
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