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  1. Thank you @EngMel. I have worked through the NCEES practice exam and the practice problems and exams (2 books) by PPI (Author:Schneiter). I am able to do those problems and feel strong in that area. If you have any other tips or recommendations, please let me know. A little less than 2 weeks out.
  2. @GirlsCanDesign-yep. That makes perfect sense. Figured it would be the following week. I will be out of the US on Holiday so hopefully I can put it out of my mind until then. Starting to have nerves. I feel prepared, but just can't wait to have this test over and done with. Thanks for the response!
  3. Hey all, I am taking the Environmental PE CBT exam on Monday, December 9th. Any chance I'll have results by Wednesday, December 11th or will it likely be the following Wed? Is three days unheard of for results? I have enjoyed reading this thread. I'll be so excited to have this exam behind me!
  4. Hey PEs, I am looking for suggestions from folks who have taken the CBT exam and passed on what materials they recommend to study for the qualitative questions on the CBT PE Environmental Exam. Thanks in advance! I am a month out and have used the following to study: PE Environmental Review - Michael Lindeburg PE Environmental Practice - Schneiter PE Environmental Practice Exams-Schneiter NCEES CBT Practice Exam I need to now turn my attention to qualitative questions. Any advice is appreciated. TIA!
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