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  1. How did you recognize what study habits needed to be changed? My approach the last 3 times was to study the review material and complete as many exercises as possible, however I would still find myself struggling with similar problems during a final "review" at the end, almost as if I had no recall. At this point I do not think it's the study material itself I am using because other people are having success with same review courses. I am not shy about studying 2 hours weekdays and 4+ hours weekends however it's not paying off. I am very hesitant with commitment to April 2020 cycle if I can't identify what root issue (with myself) is. Sorry, rant/bleeding heart over.
  2. Leo037

    Cut Scores

    Transportation fail 23 am 23 pm
  3. Failed 3rd attempt. 46/80 split evenly between am/pm SOPE 1st time (1.5 months of studying) SOPE 2nd time (3 months studying) SOPE & Testmasters 3rd time (5 months studying) Don't really know where to go from here. I have done better with each attempt but got 2 more problems correct between try 2/3 to show for extra 2 months of prep. Friend recommended EET but not sure if even worth it. Ready to give up.
  4. Why can't they just day "results out tomorrow" like Illinois did earlier today lol
  5. Wait, when did the 2-6 week clock start?
  6. Did Illinois come through by COB?
  7. So is this thing winding down for the day or is there any hope for last minute postings???
  8. There was a way to pull up ur history with them , they may have changed it then
  9. If I recall correctly, the CTS site has/had a tab that showed exams which were applied for, and subsequent results are listed there. At least it was that way in April 2018. Got the tip from this site when I was going nuts waiting! Best of luck
  10. Check Continental Testing Services website. It showed there before NCEES notice last year.
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