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  1. At what stage does, wake up in a cold sweat from a nightmare where you arrive at the test location and no one is there, occur? No, not the October test. I’m already having nightmares about April! December can’t come soon enough...
  2. Well, no survey for me. Not yet anyways. I wonder if they batch out the emails by state or something?
  3. I’d bet many programs would be glad to have your background. My undergrad was in forestry and I completed a masters in civil. That said, they were initially a little skeptical and required that I take some foundation type coursework before full admittance into the program. I had to complete undergrad statics, dynamics and differential equations, as well as two graduate courses before they removed my probationary status. I was already working as an engineering technician, and I think that added some credibility to my application. It might help if you can get into an engineering oriented internship. As, others have said, make sure you look at the education requirements for licensure. MT somewhat recently changed its laws to allow graduate degrees. Heck, at one point, they even had issues with one of the colleges because they were issuing BAs in engineering versus BSs, despite the program being ABET accredited because the law said “bachelors of science in engineering.”
  4. First time taking it. I felt really good coming out of the AM. It felt very similar to the official practice exams. The PM felt okay until I hit a swath of tough questions. Panic started to set in, but a quick break settled me back in. I put in 5-10 hours a week starting in June and jumped it to 20 or so hours a week for the last two months. I think I’m still in awe at how quickly I went from feeling completely prepared to “what corner of hell did NCEES drag this question out of?” I really hope I am not doing this again in April.
  5. I figured I better introduce myself since I’ve been lurking the boards daily as part of my post PE funk. I’m a CE, working highway and bridge construction in Big Sky Country. I have been working in the construction world for several years after transitioning from an enjoyable, but not particularly lucrative career in forestry. Finished up a graduate degree in May, which made me PE eligible. I will admit... last Friday definitely had me reconsidering a career working with trees again!
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