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  1. @IAMNOTAPEYET how did the exam go for you? Was it harder than you expected?
  2. @PE_Candidate thanks for your feedback. I’ve taken the practice exams from EET and I’ve done ok with those. I’m still gonna review some areas and retake the exams and hope that it works out for me. I hope you pass your exam!
  3. Thanks @PE_Candidate. My exam is on the 10th but I’ll look and see if amazon prime will deliver in a day or two. Have you heard anything about EET or use it for your surveying study? @wannabe_PE yes, it would be nice to hear thoughts from recent test takers. I am curious on what others have to say about EET.
  4. Hello Everyone, I’m scheduled to take the surveying exam in July. I’m kinda nervous about it; I used EET as a prep course, watched all the videos, completed all the problems and did the CBT practice exams. I think I feel prepared but I wanted to ask if anyone who has or is taking the exam felt or feel EET coursework was/is enough to pass the exam? Any advice on how to approach the exam or feedback from their experience much appreciated. Thanks
  5. The board received my application on 1/6/20 and just got notification that it’s been referred for technical review on 1/29/20. But I haven’t heard anything since.
  6. @Sloth_1989 I'm sorry to hear that. You'll get it next time. I'm at work and I'm kinda scared to check my results.
  7. Yea afternoon was something else. I really hope the cut score works in everyone’s favor.
  8. @squaretaper PE EET binders are helpful. I just wished the test followed the contents that the binders provided a little more closely.
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