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  1. Looks like they sent responses by e-mail. I was expecting the letter to come in the mail but when I called the board again this time they advised I check my e-mail. For whatever reason I used a different e-mail on my PE application than what I normally use and missed it when it came in.
  2. I called the board today, they told me that the letter for my license activation went into the mail either the day before Christmas of the day after and that I should be getting it sometime this week. Hopefully it comes in soon.
  3. Anyone else still waiting to hear from DCA about getting their license?
  4. I applied for licensure in NJ and I needed to apply for my license and be approved before sitting for the PE exam. The application that I filled out did ask if I had an EIT certificate in the state and if so what my certificate number was and the date of issue. I had one at the time so I'm not sure if not having one would have been grounds for my application being denied. As mentioned above, I would check with the board but the question being on the application would indicate to me that it's a requirement. For what it's worth, according to NCEES' website, the state does not require an application or fee if registering for a CBT exam. I'm not sure when this is taking effect since it isn't listed anywhere on the board's website but it may be the case that you don't need your EIT to register for a CBT exam. Still as previously mentioned it would be best to check with the board.
  5. From what I understand, the board needs to approve all the licenses first and then they will send you a license activation form. You pay another $80 to activate your license and then you should have your license. So, a little more waiting to get the official license but the worst part is over! Congratulations!
  6. Not gonna lie, watching all the other states roll in while knowing this is probably the case is pretty disheartening 😭😭
  7. No changes here. In fact my checklist still lists passing the FE as unchecked so I'm not sure how reliable it is 🙄
  8. I thought the afternoon session was tougher than the morning session. Felt pretty good coming out of the morning but less so coming out of the afternoon. Very few questions caught me completely off guard though so hopefully I passed.
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