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  1. MUTCD, 2009 Edition - $25 including shipping Please send me a message if interested. Thanks.
  2. I'll take "Things that didn't happen" for $400, Alex.
  3. This video might help some of us pass the time when thinking if they really need their results.
  4. I see some of us are in the angry phase. The results come out when they come out. It is natural to be anxious (I am) but the release date is out of our control. I also dont understand why people are asking the chatroom employees when results would come out. Why would they provide anything other than the canned response?
  5. I'm still thinking earliest possible is the 11th. My favored date (because it would be too perfect) is Friday the 13th. My pessimistic projection is December 19th
  6. Yes. Hit the button. Release the Kracken. Fire all phasers. ....Please.
  7. See, I know this isnt true and I'm sitting thinking... Omg, did I miss some questions l? Were there some on the back I didn't see? Oh no...
  8. My PMs are already making plans for me to be the PE on some future projects as though I already passed. I've been trying to tell them that I don't know if I passed and that I'm not even confident that I did pass. I mean the vote of confidence is great but it's going to make it hard on me if I have to explain that I didn't make it.
  9. Though it looks like it was hearsay from nervous future PEs 😜
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