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  1. Unfortunately, looking back at the exam specs and even the course material for testmasters, TFS has the same study sections except there is an advanced HVAC portion and then a separate steam section for TFS..my job covers both and to be honest “advanced HVAC” seems like something you learn on the job because there were certainly no classes for that during school and I don’t do design work. Since it’s now a CBT, do you think I should bother buying the MERM or just focus on maybe another course (DTC since it seems like people have good success with it) and the practice problems from my last one/practice exams?
  2. Thanks for the feedback...for the dr Tom’s course did you feel like you still needed to do problems from the MERM or other books to get a more thorough review? I took the Testmasters course and although it was a good general course it certainly wasn’t extensive for problem solving and I feel like that was one of my downfalls
  3. I’ve looked up this question a few different places but not sure if I’ve seen someone in the same situation. I didn’t pass the HVAC test in October and was wondering if I should change to TFS this year. I do HVAC design reviews in my job (QA type stuff) and basic load analysis, so on a day to day basis I’m definitely not designing large systems or sizing equipment. My familiarity with the Ashrae books are typically limited to 62.1 for ventilation rates and maybe if I need to look up R values for construction although this is rare. My question is do I switch to the TFS exam or stick to HVAC? To be honest I was surprised with how much thermo there was on the exam that I had to check I was taking the right exam...any insight would be helpful!
  4. Did not pass mechanical HVAC
  5. I agree that the afternoon was easier but I felt like I studied for the wrong exam during the morning session—don’t have high hopes.
  6. I can confirm seat cushions are fine...glad I brought one, those chairs were ridiculous!
  7. Yep MD here too...the clapping was obnoxious—I just wanted to cry after that mess!
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