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  1. I am currently in self doubt phase. I keep thinking I made calculation errors and chose "obvious" options in the exam. They should release the results soon and get us out of this misery
  2. According to the previous forum posts, passing grades are usually around 51-56. Correct me If I am wrong
  3. Yes I have heard of the legend myself. Oh well, April 2020 PE for me then
  4. Good morning, Did any of you receive a NCEES survey this morning?
  5. Hello, good morning, Did all of you receive a survey from NCEES this morning?
  6. Go SPAM!! On a Side note, any Astros Fans? Last 7 days have been overwhelming. With the PE exam and the Astros losing yesterday. Too much to deal with
  7. I will go with EET for the April 2020 exam. I used Testmasters this time.
  8. Which course did you take for the Prep? Testmasters or School of PE or EET?
  9. Hello, Morning portion was somewhat ok. Afternoon felt like I was writing an entrance exam for NASA. It was tough Morning-Maybe around 30-32 correct answers Afternoon- 20 correct. Maybe? Overall: I did not have a good feeling after the exam ended
  10. Hello all, Took the October 2019 PE(WR and Environmental) in Houston. Morning was ok. Afternoon was brutal. Will fail. I had the Testmasters Course for Breadth and Depth. Should I stick with them or try SofPE/EET for April 2020 exam. Thanks
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