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  1. The ending of breaking bad is very good. No fairy tale ending.
  2. Wrong. We never stopped playing last round. The vigilante has silently been killing off the remaining townies during the night, because he was paid off by the mafia before they were lynched. He didn't have to continue, obviously, since the mafia were no more, but he's a man of principle and a deal is a deal.
  3. I boil the egg. Remove the yolk, mix it with the protein shake, banana, and tuna then put it back in the egg white, deviled egg style.
  4. Banana, protein shake. Tuna pouch, boiled egg.
  5. I drew two diagrams below; one for before the conductor break occurred and one for after. In the diagram before the break, the phase and neutral conductors are connected directly to the load. In the diagram after the break, the phase conductor is connected directly to the enclosure, and the neutral conductor connection is irrelevant (but it's still connected to the load). We don't need to worry about the neutral even though it's still connected to the load, because there is no power to the load since the phase conductor broke off. We only need to worry about the return path for current through the load's enclosure. So in the diagram after the break, the load inside the enclosure is drawn not connected. All current will flow through the enclosure. Since the enclosure is connected to ground, and the source's neutral is connected to ground, this will complete the circuit and will be the path for current. Once we calculate the current in the circuit, we can calculate the voltage at the enclosure by finding the resistance from enclosure-to-ground and multiplying it by the current.
  6. I was in the panhandle for scouts and our go-to spots were Pine Mountain, Cheaha State Park, and Oak Mountain. Every once in a while we would venture out a little further for a longer trek.
  7. @Kris :) The formula can be found on page 211, equation 8.6 of this book.
  8. Here's a good book for power electronics. Covers everything with thyristors, AC-AC, DC-DC, motor drives, rectification, etc.
  9. Pre-lunch: Tuna. Lunch: Chicken breast, orange. Post-lunch: almonds, apple.
  10. Is granny smith your go-to, or are you like me and just get whichever is cheapest on grocery shopping day?
  11. This prompted me to see if I could find our crew photo in the photo archive. I found it and it brings back some memories.
  12. At least one of your sons got to go, he'll probably have memories of his experience for the rest of his life. I went when I was 14 and that's what got me hooked on backpacking. My dad also went on that trip and I have no idea how he made it. We made a lot of good memories there. One of my closest friends was on that same trip and we still make jokes referring to things that happened back then.
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