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  1. Happy PE day
  2. You're the first to notice I think
  3. Does anyone know what they're doing about the NEC, NESC, and hazard code books when the test goes CBT? Will all of those be digital as well? Man, if I could've had a digital copy of the NEC to do a "ctrl+F" on that would have been awesome.
  4. It's probably been reiterated enough times, but Graffeo is no good and the Cram exams are probably the closest thing you'll get to the real test. I swear, Mr. Flanagan must have access to the test bank or something.
  5. I f'd myself over by moving from FL to TN. Damnit.
  6. Just like the Titanic, covid has killed more men than women, as well as killed more elderly than young. 🤔 I think the universe hates old men.
  7. I'm glad we didn't live in the Andrew path; that one was terrible. Ivan hit our area pretty hard. We were without power for about 30 days, but ran the fridge off of one generator and the water well and TV off another. Lived off of MREs for a few months, and I actually didn't mind them. Most of the pastas were good and the grilled chicken breast was a treat. I never did try the grape smoothie, though. We had tons of tiny tabasco sauce bottles for years after that. After Ivan, the area I lived in realized they needed better hurricane evacuation routes. They then spent the next 10 or so years making routes. The south FL hurricane traffic is unbelievable. I don't think they'll ever be able to prepare for the traffic that comes out of south FL! FL's covid numbers dropped last week and its probably because people were staying home to prepare for the storm. This hurricane season has been pretty active, and with my luck if I do move back down to FL I'll have to work multiple storms. At least I'll get overtime. I wonder how fantasy football is going to go this year.
  8. +1 For a Tacoma. One of the best off-road platforms available in the US.
  9. So far I've been through Erin, Opal, Ivan, Denis, Katrina, and Michael? I'm sure I've forgotten one. I think now that I have kids, if I ever live in FL again I'll send them away if a hurricane is coming. Michael hit when my daughter was two weeks old, and it spun up too quickly for us to get a game plan together.
  10. Exactly. The true Floridians don't run from hurricanes.
  11. I think it's also that everyone in FL believes they live in the real FL.
  12. I can function with coffee, but for me it's more for relaxing during the day. I know that kind of seems backwards, but maybe it's because it's something that I have to take my time with. Sometimes I'll swap in some tea. I guess it's more of a comfort thing.
  13. It's good to see most everyone here it taking it seriously. One of my sisters isn't (the one that lives in FL). Her and her husband have just been living life like normal since this all started. And yet, neither of them nor their two boys have gotten sick. Just last week her and all of her in-laws took a vacation to Gatlinburg for the week. All 20 of them. I would've thought after my parents got it that she would've had second thoughts about going. Must be nice going out and doing stuff and not worrying about perpetuating covid.
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