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  1. From the sound of it, I assume most opt for seminars/conferences/etc. because of relative cheapness and ease compared to something like take or teaching a college course?
  2. Interesting. What kinds of topics/subjects are covered/available?
  3. Ah maybe I should ask, what does the individual gain from it? I mean other than being allowed to maintain requirements to remain a PE.
  4. You know, thinking about life in general, when has there not been someone losing their mind over anything and everything that I do? Yeah. These people always keep talking about doing other people, never science, which is most important in life. What does it even mean?
  5. Like only the dankest of danks, like, my dude. I, like, feel, like, it elevates my engineering skills into like the next dimension, my man. What's the full form of CEU? And your nuts! Squirrels sure have a lot of nuts. I suspected as much but I didn't realize there were so many nuts!
  6. With a name like yours, anybody doing cereal beeswax would deny you.
  7. Wait, you mean to tell me that nuclear engineers have less of a say than an ME or EE for the topics you mentioned like high energy physics, astrophysics, etc.? That's what it's sounding like.
  8. That's a bit strange to hear. I would have imagined the physics people would have drafted a physical phenomena their device wanted to replicate, explain the physics of it to the engineers and the engineers would then decide on the device specifications and how to efficiently build device with said specifications. I might have misunderstood but it sounds like engineers have more of a say in the physics than just the design of the device.
  9. I was curious if random individuals ever got your contact and just called you about something silly like their guilt over letting their mother use a mobile phone which may have exacerbated their cancer or something like that. Also about how to deal with an audience full of hecklers or people otherwise not ready to listen to you about a technology/finding they have been made to believe is bad.
  10. Any specific examples of advanced research and special projects? I'm going for research in plasma facing components in tokamaks but I don't know what the future may bring. With that in mind however, I would just rather focus my energy and expertise in our current work than spend energy in satisfying my curiosity.
  11. Seeing as you have dealt with those topics closer to pure physics, would you say it's handy to know them? I mean more than what we are taught in our classes.
  12. I can't say personally for Lamarsh. The person who said such was a on track for a physics PhD before switching to nuclear engineering. They think it really doesn't do the physics justice. I asked if they could point out an example. They showed me in the first chapter that Lamarsh refers to neutrons, electrons and protons as fundamental particles which according to them and particle physics/physicists in general is false since if you look at the standard model, the fundamental particles are quarks, leptons and bosons. Thanks for the rest of the suggestions. Can I request you to give me the names for them as well? For some of them I feel like you are referring to a specific book rather than books by the author.
  13. We've reached a point where it seems like you can't be an expert in everything. But it seems from history that there was a time when you could be good at all the latest research subjects. Over what time period did those changes happen and what changes happened for such a shift?
  14. Or maybe even talked to someone who doesn't do science but has an interest in the knowledge? How was your experience?
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