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  1. I'm in no rush for the results, so I can sell my unused link.
  2. On the topic of tables, my wooden table in baton rouge was dirty and dusty. Between that and the torrential rainfall, I thought the day was off to a promising start. 😆
  3. I was working this problem last week and sort of stumbled into the same issue. Looking back at my notes, it seems the pro guides equation is a strangely simplified version of equation 8-5 in shigleys (10th Ed). Substitute your lead term for pi*dm*tan lambda and and working through a few steps of simplification lead me to the equation found in the pro guides. I'm assuming some more simplification would lead to the form found as Eq 59.2 in the MERM, but I didn't take the time to actually work it. This was just my thoughts and the conclusion I came to while working the problem. Like you, I like to cross reference all my sources when I'm unsure of where something came from.
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