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  1. I received mine as well this afternoon. I find it strange as I wasn't expecting it this soon. Received my application confirmation email on 1/27, so it doesn't seem to be in any logical order.
  2. I take back what I said. Now that I know I passed, I WILL treat you to a nice cup of coffee if I run into you in public. I blame NCEES for my initial unprovoked anger and rudeness. It was a dark time back then.
  3. Someone just informed me the new cbt exam has different problem types in addition to the standard multiple choice. "Beginning in April 2020, the PE Mechanical Machine Design and Materials exam will be computer- based. It will contain 80 questions and be administered year-round via computer at approved Pearson VUE test centers. A 9-hour appointment time includes a tutorial, the exam, and a break. You’ll have 8 hours to complete the actual exam. In addition to traditional multiple-choice questions with one correct answer, the exam will use common alternative item types such as • Multiple correct options—allows multiple choices to be correct • Point and click—requires examinees to click on part of a graphic to answer • Drag and drop—requires examinees to click on and drag items to match, sort, rank, or label • Fill in the blank—provides a space for examinees to enter a response to the question All questions have the same point value; no partial credit will be given." Nope nope nope
  4. I just submitted my work history to NCEES this week. I fully expect to have it kicked back for edits and what not. @jean15paul_PE Did they give you a hard time about it your time not under a PE counting? Some of my experience, my direct supervisor was not licensed but a bit above him in upper management was licensed that I would like to use as reference.
  5. Coming out of school (2012) I wanted to get it strictly as a personal goal. Figured if I made it this far, finish the last step and get the PE. Had I been able to take it out of college, I would have been more comfortable taking the Thermal exam, but my entire career has been MDM based so I took that. I work in O&G and my first job didn't require it, but I switched to O&G consulting before being laid off. It was needed there as we did a lot of pressure vessel, dnv designs, and basic structural designs (skids, load bearing units, etc.) The new position I just took doesn't require it anymore either, but most of the positions that I interviewed that requested it involved consulting. I am still considering a move down the line out of state and from my job searching it seems a larger number of the available positions required it than found here in LA.
  6. That's crazy they can't seem to figure out how to do this efficiently yet for you guys.
  7. Passed MDM on my second attempt as well. Failed April test with a 48/80. Used eng pro guides this time around and felt much more confident walking out than the first time. Only really studied the practice exams and read through the merm the first time.
  8. HELL YEAH, Passed MDM and literally got a job offer 5 minutes after! DRINKS. NOW.
  9. Not that these two are related, but since being laid off wife and I have seriously been considering a move out the state. We share the same frustrations.
  10. Louisiana was day 2 in April, but I'm hoping maybe they got it together this cycle.
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