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  1. Initial The time after I submitted my application. It took two months after get email regarding technical review.
  2. Just be patient. It depends how many applicants apply at each quarter. It took me about 5-6 months to get approved. You can call the board but I don't think it will speed up your processing.
  3. Seismic Design Review Workbook (Steven T. Hiner) Surveying for California Civil PE License (by Dr. Shahin A. Mansour)
  4. Anyone what to buy seismic and survey workbook? See link below in yard sale section: Seismic Survey
  5. Seismic Design Review Workbook (for CA Civil P.E. Seismic Principles Exam) February 2018 - Fourth Printing
  6. Surveying for California Civil PE License (by Dr. Shahin A. Mansour) 2018 First Edition See link below:
  7. Congratulations! Good luck for your survey exam.
  8. This is just my suggestions: 1. Get familiar with basic knowledge, like unit convert, simple equations. You don't have enough time to look for all of them. 2. Keep tracking your time all the time. Before the exam, I wrote the maximum time I need to finish 10 questions, 20 questions, 30 questions, 40 questions and 50 questions on the workbook first page and checked it regularly when I finished 10 questions. 3. Read and comprehend each questions carefully before you work on it. Don't make simple mistakes by rushing too fast.
  9. Also nervous. I took survey. I flagged a couple questions and guessed a couple.
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