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  1. I got my wallet paper license certificate in the mail today. (Jan 17 notice of license) Do they usually send this out ahead of the full page license? Anyone know how long it usually takes to receive the full license?
  2. I passed the NCEES exam late 2018 and just found out I passed both surveying and seismic Jan 2020 (10 days ago). I understand they issue licenses bi-weekly, so was expecting my license this week. Anyone else in the same boat?
  3. I studied with EET (now AEI) and Dr. Ibrahim. I felt like his material and timed practice exams prepared me well. I felt ok, and actually the most comfortable of the 3 exams coming out of seismic. I am cautiously optimistic waiting for the results.
  4. Wondering if anyone just got notification that their application was referred to technical review. I submitted my application June 4; my check was cashed June 14; and got the notification today July 31. And has anyone been on this timeline in past years and could tell me when they got approved to take the 2 final exams? Thank you!
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