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  1. that`s true, i can`t imagine my 3" binder will be useless, all my notes, unit conversion book. it is terrible
  2. Thanks. the wait really sucks, my whole life is messed up i can`t do anything at work,just refreshing my NCEES account and looking for new courses
  3. Does anyone know how new York releases the PE results? early or late?
  4. @Slay the P.E. yes you right, i can not rely only on two sources. I did the engineering proguide 72/80 in 5 hours first pass, slay the pe twice,sms twice,ppi practice exam twice but off course not all the problems of ppi exam and sms , they are horrible, i also did ncees 3 times and DTC . I feel like all the information are messed up now lol. I have some weak areas that i just know the basics (e.g economics, pipe stresses and joints) From my experience with fe exam, the ncees has a unique style and no one can ever predict the kind of questions he is getring, they can be pretty easy or horrible. Thanks for your help,
  5. Hello, i am registered in NYC ,thermal fluids, where do you study? thanks,
  6. @Slay the P.E. i purchased your practice exam and i worked most of the problems, they look frustrating in the begining but i think they have a lot of new approaches. My question is, i am going to re work your exam again tomorrow then what ? Do you think your exam is going to be enough or what do i have to do more Thank you
  7. I am planning to take the thermal&fluid exam on october, i have a question regarding the practice problems, do i need to work on the MERM accompanied book practice problems, i see it so discoraging and wasy complicated, where can i find good practice problems?, i am thinking of SMS,mechaincal practice exam by lindeburg, engineerproguide practice exam and slay the PE this enough? Any help is really appreciated Thank you
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