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  1. Engineering Pro Guides has two practice exams and a code drill exam. I think Electrical PE Review has some quizzes in the free sections, I can't tell you off the top of my head because I'm currently enrolled and get everything. Best of luck!
  2. My favorite is protection, and I’m really starting to like Code questions. Power factor correction seems like it’s just a reactive power study - am I wrong?
  3. I’ve started @Zach Stone, P.E.‘s class, and I’m really liking the presentation of the material a lot. I’m supplementing with Engineering Pro Guides and I picked up a copy of Wildi already. I think Practice exams are going to be my make or break, and I’ve got 5 practice exams (NCEES, 2 PPI, 2 EngineeringProGuides), and I’m conseidering picking up Graffeo just for the practice exam. There’s also another practice exam about to be released, but not sure when.
  4. I’m mid 30s - engineering is my second career, and I’ve just qualified in CO to take the exam (they changed the requirements slightly) six months earlier than I was originally going to take it. Good thing I don’t have kids, my poor husband puts up with a lot. I’m hoping to be a one and done.
  5. Hi there, Is there anyone who can point me in the direction of how to solve this question? I looked at the solution and it makes zero sense to me. Or if someone could step me through it, that would be great. Thanks!
  6. Oh, good to know I'll be queasy for the next several months!
  7. Hi folks! New here, and I'm sitting this year! Does the wanting to vomit feel ever go away?
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