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  1. rude. My employer only cares if your work is done.
  2. My employer only blocks liquor websites.
  3. It was a Pearson Vue center, so maybe?
  4. apim edit: woot first time on top!
  5. The only good part was that I got my results in 5 days.
  6. I'm a little horrified that PE is going to CBT - how do you test that competence?
  7. I think it was April 2014 or October 2014 that was the last P&P. I had a buddy who graduated before me take it P&P and was sad to find out it was CBT for retakes after he failed.
  8. Yeah, they asked me to take my glasses off, inspected them, then asked me if I really needed them to see.
  9. I did pay for it! $175 later... They tried to take my glasses.
  10. I'm not crazy enough to leave them unattended - one kid will snag them all lol
  11. Obviously you've never been to a CBT test by NCEES - less than fun.
  12. The only problem with CBT is the almost strip search.
  13. I've always wanted to be that house, ever since I was a kid.
  14. I went all out for Halloween this year.
  15. I'm spamming it! I'm spamming it real good!
  16. Quad post achieved? ETA: Achieved!
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