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  1. You're getting an extra gory death next time I mod.
  2. I see how you guys are. I go down with a migraine and I get voted off the island. *sniffle*
  3. I was cross stitching with the new app I downloaded on my new tablet and it made me have a happy brain because it calculates the percent completion.
  4. Don’t ask what I was doing, I think it may just be too nerdy
  5. FAAAAAACK time zones are hard
  6. Guys, don't be like me and try to put 5k rows of excel data into word. It doesn't go well.
  7. As former mod, yes. Doc can save anyone is is night-killed, as long as their vote is in in time and they pick the mafia kill OR the vigilante kill.
  8. Effing work getting in the way of mafia, jeez.
  9. @SaltySteve I vote for @JayKay PE
  10. I'm right here! Made dinner and now I'm working again and trying to read back a few pages real quick before voting time is up!
  11. Oh yeah, that's right! I didn't want to check the message again in case someone decided that made me mafia. *sigh*
  12. I didn't know anything about AutoCAD when I started working here. Now I've been banned from drafting because I cost too much.
  13. I can understand that, but assembly never "clicked" for me like the C languages did. And let's not talk about Verilog... *shudders*
  14. Ugh, LabView. I straight up didn't bother learning LabView because the only class I needed it for, there was a ME who did his internship with it, and I was the only EE in the lab, so I did all the wiring and the MEs did the LabView.
  15. *hiss* We finally talked the teacher into letting us write in C. I just don't get assembly, but the C languages (C, #, ++) all come pretty easily to me.
  16. Ugh, I HATED assembly. Worst language ever.
  17. EEEEEEE!!! You have Semiconductor Device Fundamentals by Pierret!!!! I love that book!
  18. I think scale-mail bride was the best one.
  19. Right? Roar was the funniest doctor ever last round.
  20. This game has far less incidence of me spewing diet Coke out my nose. Probably because I'm not modding.
  21. Shiiiiaaaaaat I got sucked into wrasslin and didn't vote. Sorry you got deaded, @Chattaneer PE
  22. When is time? I missed it this morning.
  23. I also have the 9th edition, but I'm not sure where it wandered off to...
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