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  1. 2 hours ago, JayKay PE said:

    Never in the bachelor-themed round did I say anyone was a lady.  😎

    The only thing I stated as a fact was bly was a bear.  Everyone else was human and looking fabulous, with amazing hair care routines and wearing ballgowns.  

    *Edit* And that @ChebyshevII PE has amazing cheekbones and was (maybe) and instagram model.

    I remember Fish Guy being a fish. 

  2. 4 hours ago, jean15paul_PE said:

    For everyone working from home. Do you still get dressed? Working in pajamas? or less?

    My wife owns her own business and LOVES working from home in her PJ's all day. This is my first time working from home. I still feel the need to get ready just like I was going to the office. She thinks I'm weird.

    I'm wearing yoga pants and t-shirts I can bleed on. 

    Yay surgery recovery while WFH.

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  3. 4 hours ago, MEtoEE said:

    Well, you non-voted the first 2 rounds and you're the only one who never voted for RBhedge.  

    Also how can their only be one mafia left?  I thought we started with 12 players so that makes 3 mafia.  

    Because I know I’m a townie, and if there were 2 maf, the mafia would have won over night. So one of you @jean15paul_PE @MEtoEE is Maf. 

  4. 2 hours ago, ChebyshevII PE said:

    No, the game is still going.

    Everyone who is still alive: play the weekend? Or wait until Monday?

    I’m happy to play the weekend. 

    also, the way the numbers game works, there is one Maf member left.



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  5. I'm in for the next round.


    As of right now, I'm supposed to be back in the office on Monday after being out for three weeks. I guess we will see...

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