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  1. I remember Fish Guy being a fish.
  2. Getting there! Abdominal surgery sucks, PSA.
  3. I'm wearing yoga pants and t-shirts I can bleed on. Yay surgery recovery while WFH.
  4. Aw, man, I'm missing a Lycee-modding! Blame Animal Crossing.
  5. I sort of got sucked into Animal Crossing. Last time I checked (5ish hours ago) neither of the gents had posted. Has @jean15paul_PE been online?
  6. Because I know I’m a townie, and if there were 2 maf, the mafia would have won over night. So one of you @jean15paul_PE @MEtoEE is Maf.
  7. I’m happy to play the weekend. also, the way the numbers game works, there is one Maf member left. WHO ARE YOU.!
  8. @ChebyshevII PE I vote for @Roarbark because I'm a townie, dammit!
  9. I’m sorry, @LyceeFruit PE! I don’t know why this round is harder than others. 😕
  10. I am not mafia this time, I swears!
  11. @ChebyshevII PE I vote for @LyceeFruit PE because I'm a townie and she's suspish!
  13. Trrrrriple for me!
  14. Triple ghost post for you, fine sir!
  15. What did I do? I’m a regular townie, for real! (I also was buried in work and missed the vote last night)
  16. I’m not, I’m just a regular townie this time!
  17. @LyceeFruit PE are you mafia?
  18. I’m WFH again this week, per my boss’ request, so hopefully I’ll be around more.
  19. @LyceeFruit PE I found another crime show where someone died by woodchipper! (Lucifer, season 3 episode 13)
  20. I'm in for the next round. As of right now, I'm supposed to be back in the office on Monday after being out for three weeks. I guess we will see...
  22. And sorry I’ve been missing, I had my final postop appt. my staples are out and I get to go back to work on Monday!
  23. For the s&gs, @RBHeadge PE I vote for @SaltySteve
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