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  1. @ChebyshevII PE I vote for @squaretaper LIT AF PE
  2. The thing is, when I'm mafia and you're not, I campaign to dead you ASAP because I know you're an analysis wizard. If I were the last mafia member, I would have come after you or JayKay, especially with how she's been knowing things this round. 4/5
  3. Once you came out as the JOAT, I changed my vote to chart to ensure you stayed alive. I'm still suspish of @squaretaper LIT AF PE, which is why I changed my vote to him after taking my vote away from you. It's a good thing I did vote for chart, as @JayKay PE's vote for you would have tied the two of you. Assuming, that is, that you actually are the JOAT. 3/5
  4. A lynch of MadamPirate is a win for the mafia. 2/5
  5. I am going to straight up say that I am not the JOAT and I am not mafia. Lynch me if you want, but I am a townie. (1/5)
  6. I'ma trust you for tonight, fish guy.
  7. @ChebyshevII PE i vote for @chart94
  8. @ChebyshevII PE I vote for @squaretaper LIT AF PE
  9. @txjennah PE are you Maf? Now is the time to clear yourself if you aren’t. 5/5
  10. @LyceeFruit PE are you Maf? 4/5
  11. Okay, reading posts, I currently vote for @RBHeadge PE in retaliation, because I’m a townie! 2/5
  12. I’m deffo not mafia, I swears! Being mafia stresses me out lol 1/5
  13. @ChebyshevII PE I vote for @vhab49_PE
  14. @LyceeFruit PE u maf? (5/5)
  15. Definitely not maf this round. Townie through and through. (4/5)
  16. @txjennah PE are youuuuu maf? (3/5)
  17. @JayKay PE are you maf? (2/5)
  18. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! (1/5)
  19. Fine, @ChebyshevII PE I vote for @squaretaper LIT AF PE
  20. I know @ChebyshevII PE isn't maf, for once. (5/5)
  21. @squaretaper LIT AF PE are you maf? TRIIIIIIIIIIIIIPLE! (4/5)
  22. @tj_PE are you maf? (3/5)
  23. So, who's maf this round? (2/5)
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