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  1. Yaaaaas regular townie again!
  2. I'm in, but won't be around Friday through the weekend because painting house.
  3. Dang. I got whacked.
  4. @jean15paul_PE I vote for @NikR_PE
  5. The new vice presidents for my company were in town, and it was highly suggested I go out for beers with them. I ended up staying longer than intended because storm rolled in and I didn't want to drive in it. Sorry, folks. I'm honestly not sure who to vote for this round, it's been tough.
  6. Not mafia! I stated yesterday in my post that I am grateful to be a townie (so I don't get dead participating in one of your schemes!)
  7. @jean15paul_PE I vote for @JayKay PE
  8. It's hard to decide what's happening and I'm a townie, so I vote for ummmmm
  9. I'm here I'm here!
  10. (also, sorry for forgetting to vote. Was moving the roommate out of my house)
  11. I'm in, and I should be able to mod if no one else wants to?
  12. I can deffo tell you I'm not Maf.
  13. Definitely not Maf this time - if I was, I would have changed my vote to vhab to protect myself.
  14. @SaltySteve I vote for @JayKay PE
  15. Nope. Claimed my townie status loud and proud on Monday.
  16. Don't pout, you should play Maf with us to keep you occupied.
  17. @jean15paul_PE you maf?
  18. @JayKay PE Are you maf?
  19. @NikR_PE are you maf?
  20. @chart94 are you mafia? (if you are, I'ma stab Steve's RNG)
  21. Alright, I'ma take @tj_PE's place. @vhab49_PE are you mafia?
  22. @SaltySteve I vote for @DuranDuran
  23. Definitely not Maf this time. Didn't you see my photos in the hangouts chat? I was deffo out in the field, left the house at 7 AM and didn't get home til not long before I posted. No time for EB when you're trying to fix wiring, son.
  24. @SaltySteve I vote for @squaretaper LIT AF PE
  25. I R hot and sweaty, and a townie (thank the gods). Someone tell me who to vote for.
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