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  1. There's always a good chance that I'm not paying attention when I'm busy at work.
  2. Trying to throw a townie under the bus, v. suspish. *hairy eyeball*
  3. Alright, phew, I've returned from training the new guy before I'm out for two weeks. What did I do to you guys, I'm not mafia!
  4. Since I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a crazy day at work today, I'ma vote early: @SaltySteve I vote for @chart94
  5. My husband does. I knitted my own dice bag because I’m cool like that.
  6. Hey, what did I do!? (Got super busy at work, ugh) @RBHeadge PE is right, @Audi driver, P.E. votes extremely randomly, so I think I'm going to keep my vote on @MEtoEE for now, unless other evidence to the contrary comes up. Even though I'm not immune. *pouts* (I know it was a joke)
  7. Banana. Homemade english muffin breakfast sammich: egg, cheese, turkey sausage and spinach.
  8. @SaltySteve I vote for @MEtoEE so I don't get deaded fast
  9. I don't think you're ever friends with anyone in Mafia...
  10. I wish. Actually, maybe not the alcohol. I was hungover that entire weekend, and I was modding. (bad decision!) Narcotics, baby!
  11. You're suspish for using @tj_PE's word!
  12. I think the bear was also jealous that I did better in the evening gown portion of the competition.
  13. You don't want the precursor to the GOOD drugs. Trust me.
  14. I was really going for "How is he mafia if he's not playing?"
  15. Fair warning: I won't be around much Friday, and once I am, I will be on the GOOD drugs.
  16. That bear only took me down because I ran out of bullets.
  17. Nah, the woodchipper is reserved for @LyceeFruit PE
  18. Maybe I shouldn't have murdered him so gruesomely?
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