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  1. Vote reminder before I leave work: 1 @Roarbark ( lycee) 4 @LyceeFruit PE (RB, jaykay, chatt, roar)
  2. *visions of woodchippers, dancing in her head*
  3. I'm writing a bunch because you started writing the chaos! I feel like I'm trying to live up to your outstanding moderatorship.
  4. @RBHeadge PE is a great handholder.
  5. *scraps the narrative she was working on*
  6. Current vote: 1 @Roarbark ( lycee) 4 @LyceeFruit PE (RB, jaykay, chatt, roar)
  7. Y'all are gonna make me figure out how to get a woodchipper up in here, aren't you?
  8. Current vote: 1 @Roarbark ( lycee) 3 @LyceeFruit PE (RB, jaykay, chatt)
  9. Current vote: 2 @Roarbark (chatt, lycee) 2 @LyceeFruit PE (RB, jaykay)
  10. Current vote: 1 @Roarbark (chatt) 2 @LyceeFruit PE (RB, jaykay)
  11. Current vote: 1 @Roarbark (chatt) 1 @LyceeFruit PE (RB)
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