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  1. Really sorry guys. Make sure to take a break from studying before getting back into it for October. I’m expecting a higher pass rate since many of you will have put in more hours than usual.
  2. I took School of PE for TFS after I had put in around 150 hours of self study. Definitely recommend. Passed first try in October.
  3. Same here, only it was a virtual high five via email.
  4. This makes me very grateful to have passed. My wife would’ve strangled me if I had to study like that again.
  5. I’m treating my username the same as everything else. I will add the initials after I am officially licensed. Yes, I am paranoid lol.
  6. pse19622

    Texas is out!

    My guess is that you were 1, maybe 2, questions away.
  7. pse19622

    Texas is out!

    Passed ME TFS with an 84%, 1st attempt. @DDE, very impressive 91!
  8. Must've come out right after I posted. Passed!
  9. pse19622

    Texas is out!

    I know it doesn't really matter, but when do they typically post grades on TBPE? EDIT: Grades posted (last week) - 84%
  10. pse19622

    Texas is out!

    Are you me Congrats!
  11. This is a nightmare scenario. I'm here for you!
  12. We are grossly outnumbered my friend -King Leonidas
  13. TX is out! Passed TFS!!! 12:57 PM ET
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