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  1. I honestly didn't know there different styles available for the stamp. Neat.
  2. 1. I will smile 2. I will not smile
  3. To answer OP's question -- only if it's a PASS
  4. I just logged on to my NCEES account and just about had a stroke when I saw the green pass icon.....then I realized it was for my FE exam. Lol @ me.
  5. I hate you so much right now
  6. Mostly been calm and haven't thought too much about the upcoming results. But, every now and then, I think about it, and feel an intense jolt of impending doom. Like that feeling you get when you realize you're getting pulled over.
  7. Doubt definitely setting in. Doing my best to not even think about the letters P or E.
  8. Me too. Doing my best to avoid thinking about/remembering any details from the exam problems, because that only leads to more doubt.
  9. I'm going to guess results will be released for TX end of the first week of Dec, when I am on vacation. Hopefully it's good news, otherwise I will spend my vacation planning out my retake strategy
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