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  1. I'll be taking TFS in October as well. Central time zone. I'm definitely open to keeping in touch. I need someone I can talk to about problems I'm having trouble with, general things about the exam, etc. Feel free to PM me.
  2. Much harder than the exam questions IMO. Haven't taken the exam yet, but I did a quick look through of the NCEES practice exam, and those problems seem more reasonable. I've also found the few heat transfer questions from 6 Minute Solutions I've done to be pretty tough. I did the Eng Pro Guide practice TFS exam yesterday (timed) and got 67/80 correct. Will be doing Slay the PE next, I hear it's a bit tougher than the actual exam.
  3. In my experience, if pipe material is not specified (e.g., Schedule 40 Steel), I use the diameter given in the problem statement. If pipe material IS specified, refer to piping tables (App 16.B in the MERM) for diameter and area (make sure to pay attention to units!).
  4. I agree with the others - use Bernoulli and whittle it down as appropriate. My fluids professor in college required us to ALWAYS right out the equation first if we wanted credit, so it is ingrained in my memory forever lol.
  5. As far as I can tell, the MERM covers everything across all mechanical tests. What I did was parse out the sections relevant to the TFS exam per NCEES specs and have only focused on those. Also using Engineering Pro Guides study guide.
  6. Excellent write-up! I laughed when I read Step 1 (Spend Money) - I have spent a small fortune so far on books, practice exams, and I just registered for a prep course. At the end of the day, I'd rather be out a few bucks than have to take this test more than once, so I'm taking the approach of dropping an atomic bomb on an anthill. Hopefully it works!
  7. I have the Slay the PE practice exam. The questions seem a bit harder than the NCEES practice exam, and testimonials on the STPE site seem to confirm this. They do seem like high-quality questions. I think I'm at the point where I've reviewed all the exam topics and need to start cranking out tons of problems (have already done >100). The only thing is that trying to find problems of similar type/difficulty to the actual exam is tough. STPE and NCCES practice exams do provide a total of 160 problems, which is quite a bit. Add the Eng Pro practice exam and I have 240 exam-style problems to work with, which should be enough. And yes, I did feel like the Eng Pro Guides problems sets in the study guide were too easy, but I assume these problems are meant only as a light review/knowledge check at the end of each chapter. His practice exam, after a cursory lookover, seems to be a bit closer to exam difficulty.
  8. I have those resources. I like how the study guide doesn't seem to cover unnecessary information and is much easier to digest than the MERM. My only concern is that his guide may not cover all of the material in enough detail for the exam - but maybe I'm just being paranoid :).
  9. Hey All, new to the forum, but have visited here and there in the past. I'm currently studying for the October PE Mechanical Thermal Fluids exam, and am a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information in the MERM. I'm targeting Fluids, Thermo, Heat Transfer and HVAC sections, but there are subtopics that I don't think I even covered in school (e.g., compressible flow). I feel like I'm spending a ton of time going over stuff I won't need, and the NCEES exam breakdown isn't much help, as I find it a bit vague. Also, I've been using the practice problems book associated with the MERM and have found many of the questions difficult. I ordered 6 minute solutions today and am hoping it's a bit more like the exam. I also have the NCEES practice exam, but I don't want to work the problems until I've covered everything. Tldr: Trying to find a better targeted approach and better practice problems. Thanks in advance!
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