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  1. I appreciate your thoughts. We are headed back to ISU for a second visit later this month and then he will make his decision. It''s good to hear that he can't go wrong with either school. Thanks again! Darren
  2. I want to start this post by saying I am not trying to start a Hawkeye/Cyclone debate here or brag about my student. What I am trying to do is determine if a Chem-E graduate from the University of Iowa has a better, worse or equal chance of getting hired in a quality engineering position after college graduation than an Iowa State grad. My son will be starting his senior year of high school this fall. He carries a 4.0 gpa, scored a 32 on his ACT (36 in science and 35 in math) and has taken at least one (sometimes two) AP classes each semester of high school. We have toured both schools. Toured Iowa twice and second tour of ISU is later this month. He seems to like Iowa better because he feels like he will have more interaction with the professors due to the smaller engineering program at Iowa. After our first visit of ISU he just felt like a number. I don't care where he goes as long as he feels that it is the right fit for him. However, I have always heard that ISU is the gold standard when it comes to engineering degrees. My concern is that he will be a less desirable job candidate because his degree will be from Iowa and ISU. Assuming he continues his academic success in college, gets involved with clubs and participates in internship/co-op, will he be a desirable candidate? Thanks in advance! Darren
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