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  1. Yup, I think that's it too. I couldn't find anything else in Wildi about open delta from index and flipping. I really hated PPI for FE, but man that camera book is VERY GOOD if you're lost. That index is amazing. I am using it a lot when I "don't know" questions more than Zach's course binder and my Engineering pro guiides binder even tho it has an index.
  2. Yeah I found the answer in PPI, but am I understanding Wildi wrong or is it an error? He is calling his 87% "load capacity", don't know if its a play on words or if i lack the understanding of spin up asking for "total power available" Really going to suck if this happens on PE. I pray that they are a little more concrete than some of these spin up questions.
  3. Below is the question asked, I looked up in Wildi but his answer of 86% wasn't an available option, so i looked through another reference (PPI Camera) and found what it was looking for. Am I reading Wildi's wrong , or why is it different? If this was PE and 86.6% was offered, I would have chosen it and moved on. This is Wildi's Screenshot: And PPI Camera:
  4. I have the second edition code drill problems which is based off the 2014. I use the 2017 NEC to answer them. I also have a PDF copy of the 2014 HB NEC to check myself if the answer "isn't int he 2017".
  5. This is the question. I can't figure out why the answer is XHHW and not RHW
  6. UTChatt here. We got lots of good ole southern people up in here
  7. With Zach Stone's class, before you even "start" the modules for the PE exam he has added a "circuits boot camp" and a "power boot camp" it literally starts at the most basic level and builds up. I think it's a great foundation starter for anyone taking the exam.
  8. 1) Hey guys, again congrats on passing! I had a couple of questions. I plan on taking the exam in "passes". So once you finished all your paces, and had answers (or a guess) for everything and shifted into "ok now I have time to back check my work" how much time was left on the clock? I am generally a fast test tacker and I'm curious how much time most people had left to either check work or start "digging through reference books " to hunt for 1 or 2 conceptual problems at end. 2) I see so many people suggesting about building a binder with example problems and it have it indexed. I have a lot of example problems printed out but I was just curious on what percentage of "math / workable problems" (not conceptual) did you have a go-by or a decent example for? Happy New Year and let's pass this thing!
  9. I have to give a shout out to Zach Stone's course. Great and precise information and well instructed.
  10. I am taking the exam first time April 2020. I can't express how amazing Zach Stone's Electricalpereview course is. I have worked through all the class work and printed all the materials and I am honestly excited to go through it all again to get a stronger grasp on concepts. I used PPI during my FE preparation and it was the most outdated material. It is sad the money they take from people when it comes to that website that thing seems DECADES old. Zach ( ) is constantly improving his product and adding more materials.
  11. Yeah considering the numbers changed once (2011/2014) that means it was messed up for the last 20 years. I tried to send an email to them but their website is giving me an error when uploading the question lol. I think it said they have a live support chat mon-fri 9-5 so im excited to see what they say. I'm sure whoever is on the other end of that doesn't answer code questions.
  12. Attached is 2014. The numbers are highlighted so that means they changed from 2011 to 2014. I don't see how it can be confusing and not be an error. Unless they just brought it upon themselves to make a random chart that isn't like other charts. I use IEEE all the time at work doing clearances for substations.
  13. Below is a picture of TABLE 230.51.(C) Supports. Is that first "maximum volts" column really supposed to be 1000 then 1000 under it? looks like it would be around 300 or 600 V. I could be reading it all wrong.
  14. Forgive my poor pitiful Phasor upside down one. I left it so I get a giggle each time I seen it (and too cheap to use another sticky). But my Glover book is coming around nicely!
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