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  1. I'm in Zach's class this semester too Speak! I am motivated too!
  2. That's what's more depressing. Now we get 1 shot before it goes to CBT. So now I gladly bought all these reference books , tabs, online course, etc etc etc etc.... and I get 1 chance. After that, it goes to CBT and all of that is completely wasted time.
  3. I am beyond devastated. I signed up for Zach Stone's class (the best there is) and hammered through EVERYTHING. I have over 350+ hours studied. I am beyond devastated.
  4. NCEES will be updating this web page. Yes I'm freaking out. I have studied pretty much 5.5-6 months solid for this test.
  5. Never reschedule. It's just money you can always make more. I would have paid the $ for the October exam even if I didn't have a chance of passing just for the opportunity. That's an experience you LITERALLY can not buy besides being there.
  6. First one I didn't do passes, second one I did. I think for main exam I will FOR SURE do passes so I am training that way from here on out. I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse but I'm pretty quick at knowing if I know how to do something or if I don't. So I have been moving through them fairly quickly. I just need to keep hammering through practice exams to get exposed to as much material as possible.
  7. I've done the 8 hour timed exam twice so far. AM/PM with a 1 hour break trying to mimic the test day. I plan doing it again this weekend with either ENGR FULL exam or Cram for PE test 2. Not sure which one yet. I've heard great things about both so I don't think I could go wrong.
  8. Wow I think that's a great score! I worked through Cram exam 1 this weekend myself. I thought I was strong in qualitative problems (being a little older with all my experience being power) but I couldn't guess them or find them in my Wildi/Chapman/Glover books
  9. Thank you! I luckily got it right (doing that method) but I never noticed in table 16 that it says its based off 30 degrees! Thanks a ton! ❤️❤️
  10. I never know when to use the temperature correction table 310.15(B)(2)(a) or 310.15(B)(2)(b) I don't see in the question where it says it's "based on 30 degrees or 40 degrees Celsius".
  11. I counted around 24 here, can someone PLEASE feel free to zoom in and let me know if you see any references I"m missing that you would strongly suggest me take. The two big binders are my Zach Stone course work/quiz problems worked/live class work/ etc. Those are my main 2 binders. Not in this picture, I have my Beaty "electrical engineering fundamentals" book and maybe a couple more I'll be bringing.
  12. Those are the tabs I used for my 2 binders. Man they are wonderful!
  13. Yeah i was getting -158, just showed -15 on my calculator and i wasn't scrolling over enough because it wasn't saying positive 21 like the book lol. @Cram For The PE Do you have a link to the eratta's for all your materials?
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