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  1. Hello, I graduated several years ago with a BS in Electrical Engineering Technology from an ABET accredited program. I took and passed my FE exam in school to obtain my EIT certification, but I moved to Florida after graduation and have been working here ever since. I work in consulting, so a PE is required to sign drawings. Unfortunately we do most of our work in Florida and Florida doesn't allow BSEET graduates to sit for the exam. I am back in school taking the extra classes to obtain a BS Electrical Engineering degree so that I can obtain a PE in all states, and am actually within a few classes of finishing. The experience requirement for a PE license in Florida, along with most other states, is 4 years of full time engineering experience "after graduation". Only 50% of full time experience gained before graduation can be applied to this requirement and it is for 1 year maximum regardless of the amount of experience. My question is, I have been working for several years doing true engineering design of power systems, etc. under several other PE's since I graduated with my BSEET degree. When I obtain my BSEE degree, will I STILL have to obtain an additional 3 years of experience before being able to get my PE license? Has anyone dealt with this before? I emailed the Florida Board of Professional Engineers, but I just got sent to the Florida statues with really a response... Any information would be appreciated! Thank you.
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