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  1. organix


    Thank for the info Duke!
  2. organix


    My Dashboard only shows my PE exam now... I actually still never got an official email saying the exam was cancelled. Any chance you had to deal with continental testing too? I wonder if they're issuing refunds too?
  3. organix

    If only...

    Yea, that must be tough on them... I can't imagine the amount of time invested just to get told it'll have to wait. Besides the time training, I bet they even joined forums to chat with other people preparing for the big day... trading strategies... recommending other books or sites to read to learn a bit more about their craft. I'm sure they even talked to people who survived the race. I bet they were reading reviews on which calcu... umm er.. shoes were the best or most efficient... and everyone had their favorite. They probably were planning down to minute details such as what to eat before, during, and after. Tough break. Feel bad for them and glad that's not me.
  4. I'd be surprised if this isn't cancelled with how things have gone... It doesn't seem like things are getting better. Chicago is pretty much shutting down.
  5. organix


    I still haven’t gotten anything... I’m sure I will, but I would’ve figured it was one auto-mass email.
  6. organix


    Oh really? The place I signed up for is the same I took my PE years ago and I remember seeing the SE people there... but I guess I can't say I can guarantee we were in the same room at the time, though I thought it was. Either way, maybe it's different now.
  7. organix


    The test location near Chicago is also one big mixed room.
  8. organix


    Risk aside... part of me wouldn't love having studied so hard for so long just to wait another 6 months, but another part of me says I could use the extra 6 months. It would be rough if the codes change in the meantime too and I never got a shot at this set of codes.
  9. Those 9 hr lectures will do that to you, haha.
  10. I did a quick search for that Hiner book... know of anywhere selling it for a reasonable price? His site seems to only have the 2018 IBC version now.
  11. I haven't taken the actual exam yet, but my understanding is that the AEI practice problems are a bit more intense to better prep you.
  12. Yup, took vertical in the summer and now registered for the lateral. Seems hard to beat in terms of quality, quantity, and price.
  13. Illinois is funny because of the SE license. Many people have nightmares getting the PE after passing the exam because they don't want you to even reference any structural experience (even though you passed the PE with the structural afternoon focus). I haven't heard anyone with stories of rejected PDHs yet, but have heard multiple people saying this is apparently a thing or will be a thing soon.
  14. Yea, there are workarounds. The complaint isn't really that I was left without options. Since I knew they'd expire, I had already printed them to be safe. The thing is that it creates an inconvenience to the user. If the goal was to stop people from sharing/reproducing, it's not really effective as anyone could easily do that with or without the time expiration. Btw, print to pdf actually didn't work for me through Adobe. The security on the files didn't allow it and I couldn't remove it without a password. I'd be curious to see how you did it Titleistguy to see if I can do it. It'll save me the effort of scanning.
  15. Yea, I'm a bit afraid of what might be on the exam for AASHTO. Being a buildings guy, it's a big weakness for me. Those mini exams were my worst ones. Which reminds me... I guess I do have a not-so-important criticism of the class/mini exams. I'm not a fan that the solutions expire and I'm not even totally sure why they expire. As I said, I take the exam in April, so I always intended to have those available up til exam time for my studying. Good thing we were warned about it so I could print them out. Not the end of the world to do that, but I'm not sure why make me go through that hassle.
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