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  1. Good luck people!! I am sure you all will do well!
  2. @RBHeadge PE & @ChebyshevII_PE, I don't think it would be wise to disclose that information here. Also, no matter what I say, you guys will give me an "Unacceptable," (or maybe "Improvement Required" if I'm lucky).
  3. Phew!!! After seeing the reactions here, I was totally expecting an angry mob eagerly waiting for me outside the office building.
  4. Alright! I guess I got frustrated with NCEES and how they administer the exam and distribute the results. My bad for expressing it here.
  5. Correct. I am. I just assumed from your responses that you probably haven't taken this 16-hour test.
  6. That's exactly my point here. To pass the SE test, one needs to pass both AM and PM sections in a single administration. Do we have any sort of formal understanding of the difference between Improvement required and Unacceptable? If the test taker has a fair grasp of the subject matter and gets an Improvement Required or Unacceptable, with no detailed explanation, what will he/she gain from this? Absolutely nothing! Why give out failing morning scores, when the graphs have all the information one needs? They might as well start recommending the NCEES practice test to those candidates. That will be equally helpful in their preparation! Everyone operates differently. What works for some won't necessarily work for all. Providing additional data (passing metrics) isn't going to hurt anyone. End of the day, my complaining isn't going to change anything. Fortunately, I got done with this without having to read some stupid graphs. @RBHeadge PE I see that you are from Mechanical discipline. Are you familiar with the SE test? Continuing this discussion would be a moot point if you aren't.
  7. Lol! Presuming that you reached out to them seeking additional clarification regarding passing/failing scores, this is the lengthiest response I have seen for a question, without actually answering the question. The entire response is just an elaboration of what the NCEES website already says. I still find it hard to understand why they wouldn't release pass/fail scores for a particular test cycle. I don't know how helpful the un-scaled graphical representation has been for the unlucky test takers, but knowing if they missed by 15 AM questions versus 2, would definitely help them gauge their performance. I don't see the logic behind hiding the passing metrics of any test. Very lame!
  8. The AM spec includes "Braced frames" in structural steel section. That should cover all typical braced frames: OCBF, SCBF, EBF and BRBF. I would recommend that you cover all systems laid out in chapters E and F of Seismic Design Manual. If you're running short on time, you could probably skip E4 (STMF), E5 (OCCS) and E6 (SCCS). Good luck!
  9. That's a pretty exhaustive list and it should provide enough practice material to get you through. Do you feel more comfortable with the lateral component? Usually, people take the vertical component first. Mastering the vertical component could help you on a couple of tricky lateral questions. Just my $0.02. I am sure everyone here would agree when I say that NCEES practice exam is in no way a representation of the actual exam. Maybe it once was, but that's no longer the case. PPI's practice exam would give you a much better idea, IMO. SERM's content should be adequate to cover most, if not all, topics for the building portion of the vertical exam. However, it's severely lacking in the bridge and lateral departments. For bridge problems, I don't think we have a reference that's better than David Connor's book. I also opted for EET's live classes when I started preparing for the lateral test and it turned out to be very beneficial in my case. They provided a lot of practice material throughout the course to the point that I had a hard time keeping up with all the assignments and mini-tests. If you somehow end up hunting for more practice problems, I have been told that Seismic and Wind Forces Structural Design Examples by Alan Williams can also help with the preparation.
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