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  1. Is anyone going to the next SWE conference? Can you get PDHs there?
  2. Interesting question...I’ve been wondering this as well
  3. Took a candy break 😂. It helps!
  4. I submitted Jan 24. I hadn’t heard back so I called. She said mine is in the next batch, which is in a couple of weeks.
  5. Thanks for the update! This gives me hope hehe
  6. I submitted 1/24. I guess I have a month or more to wait.
  7. Does anyone read the newspaper El PAÍS? also, I’ve been watching this YouTube channel called easy German. It’s really good. She interviews people on the streets with subtitles in both German and English.
  8. My ncees record is almost complete. I started reading the code of ethics and some of the rules laws before going through ncbels. Can one retake the ethics exam more than once? I haven’t attempted it yet.
  9. I had 15 minutes left. I just kinda sat there and prayed until they called time. And I ate some candy 😂
  10. The basics...present tense , dative form, accusative, vocabulary 🙂
  11. I’m studying German. Duolingo and YouTube. I need something to study now that the exam is over 🤣
  12. Great! Yeah I kinda did poorly on a couple of practice tests toward the end of my studies. I think learning from my mistakes helped me a lot. Glad I didn’t give up!
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