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  1. The basics...present tense , dative form, accusative, vocabulary 🙂
  2. I’m studying German. Duolingo and YouTube. I need something to study now that the exam is over 🤣
  3. Great! Yeah I kinda did poorly on a couple of practice tests toward the end of my studies. I think learning from my mistakes helped me a lot. Glad I didn’t give up!
  4. Save one complex imaginary test for last as a confidence booster. A lot of the PE test is psychological. Need to maintain the “I can do it! “ Feeling
  5. This practice test helped me tons with some topics I needed help with. After I took it, I put the solutions in my binder but organized them by topic.
  6. So happy for you. I graduated 2003 so I had been out of school 16 years. Can relate to what it takes to remember and get back into the studying groove!
  7. This is what I did: I studied for six months, about 500 hours. I used the following: graffeo engineer pro guides practice test electrical pe review practice test 2 complex imaginary practice tests complex imaginary code drills some of the problems in the motor chapters of wildi The official practice test they offer when you sign up for the test from ncees. I did this one 3 Times. youtube hopefully this helps some one
  8. Really didn’t mean to do a quote inside of a quote lol but, I do feel the way you describing. As previously stated, it comes in waves. I think it’s part of my growth as a professional or something?
  9. 55 😟 I hope that person had a typo that said they failed with a 55. Or am I reading it wrong?
  10. I know you can do it
  11. Great! Was rooting for you!!
  12. I passed. North Carolina. Studied 500 hours 😅
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