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  1. I found this to be very helpful. Thank you.
  2. If you have a nameplate full load current of a motor, when do you use the nameplate value vs looking up from hp in table 430.250 to calculate ampacity for choosing the proper conductor size? The solution for proguide 78 test says use the table to get 26 amps, but I thought since 30 amps was given, to take 125% of that?
  3. Something else I wanted to ask you guys, my test date on my ncees is oct 25 which is a Friday. I guess I had assumed it’s always on a Saturday?
  4. Adds complexity but also motivation (for me). They give me a reason to be my best!
  5. Lol mine is economics. I decided to start with something easy and work my way toward the harder stuff.
  6. Have others found this to be helpful? I have already spent a lot of money on books , but I found Beaty on the cheap. It seems pretty good but they are not really 6 minute problems.
  7. Thanks for the info. Really have been enjoying your YouTube videos. They’ve been very helpful. as an aside I’ve used Blackburn as a reference for real life problems. Wish I still had a copy just in case lol
  8. I have a few years experience in protection. Is anyone else a protection engineer? I’ve been mostly working on other areas I’m weak in but maybe I’m being over confident. I do have some notes from an SEL class I took. I might just spend a week reviewing those and bring them with me as a reference? What are other protection engineers doing?
  9. How are they going to handle code questions. Will the searchable pdf have sections of the nec?
  10. So this is basically what I have been doing. It just seemed to come about naturally as I’ve worked problems. I’m really grateful for everyone sharing what they are putting in their binders. I’m up to 3 binders now 😃
  11. I hope I’m going through this process in October! What is the short form? Is that the form on ncbels where you list your experience?
  12. I have the formulas from the back of Graffeo’s book. Is anyone printing any formulas from the internet that you think will be very helpful in my binder?
  13. Finally torque is pmax/w_m pmax calculated above is 16875 watts w_m= (1-s_p) *w_s s_p is defined as slip for pmax, 0.278 w_s = 4pi f/ p this is the same as 120f/p multiplied by 2pi/ 60 to convert to rad per sec w_s=4pi* 60/6 poles = 125.6 w_m= (1-.278)* 125.6= 90.6 rad per second torque=16875/90.6 = 186.258Nm
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