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  1. IBC - you may omit some chapters, such as fireproof, glass, etc. ASCE 7 - you need all chapters. Commentaries are not required, however. Masonry code - you need the 2013 version.
  2. SoCalPE, I am in the same boat as you. I thought I did the best for the steel question, but got "U". I have no idea how to improve. The Book - Guide to Wind Loads is not suitable for the SE study. I spent a week in reading this book before the exam, and found it to be a waste of time.The examples in the book are too complicated and could be better in many places, in my opinion. Can anybody who got an "A" on the wind question please give any advice to us? To whom who failed last October, let us cheer up and study for the next round!
  3. I failed the lateral. AM 31/40, PM Steel U; Concrete IR; General analysis A; Wood A. This exam is totally unbelievable. I did the best in the steel but got U, while I did not do well in the general analysis and the wood, but got A. Also, to be honest, I do not think I can get 31/40 in the morning. I am not sure If I shall continue. I passed the vertical in April, second try. I am very disappointed and upset.
  4. Wish you good luck, tj_PE, so no more nightmare in the future.
  5. The registration for next April's SE exams will start on Dec. 9, 2019. Less than two weeks to wait....
  6. The pre-processor of STAAD.PRO is very complicated. You will definitely miss RISA if you make the change. The anual cost of Risa is around $1000. BTW, how much is the difference if buy STAAD?
  7. I am preparing for this October's SE lateral exam. NCEES lists the AISC Seismic Manual (2nd ed.) as the reference. I find that the 3rd ed. is available. Does anyone know if it is okay to use the latest edition for the exam? I really don't want to buy an outdated book. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Maya_206 for the information provided.
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