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  1. @MEtoEE, I have the same references as yours too. So far, I like the Glover for the protection topics, Grianger for the Transmission lines, and Wildi for the Machine. @Chattaneer PE, does the Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers reference has plenty sample/practice problems?
  2. @Chattaneer PE @MEtoEE, Thank you for all your responses.😊👍
  3. @Chattaneer PE, see attached continuation from Wildi.
  4. @Chattaneer PE, thank you for your solution. I just have a few questions though: 1. Is it the total harmonic current(including the positive and negative sequence) flowing into the neutral? 2. Should it be just the triplen harmonics(zero sequence) which is the 3rd and 9th harmonics will contribute to the neutral conductor? 3. Based on Wildi’s book, these triplen harmonics adds up in the neutral and 3 times greater. So I would assume that the harmonic current in the neutral is 3(3rd harmonics plus 9th harmonics) = 3(100+10)=330A?? I’m not really sure and I’m confuse, that’s why I needed help with you guys.😓. Please see attached the reference from Wildi. thank you,
  5. Hello, I need help for the answer, solution and explanation for this kind of Harmonic Problem. Thanks. A three-phase, four wire balanced wye-connected load is connected to a balanced three-phase four wire source. The following harmonic data is recorded: Order Frequency RMS amps measured per phase 3 180 100 5 300 20 7 420 15 9 540 10 Assume no harmonics of higher order than the ninth are present. What would be the RMS current measured in the neutral?
  6. Hi, I’m looking for those 3 kinda of Books of Cram by James Flanagan . PM me, thanks
  7. Currently studying for April 2020 Power PE exam. I started reviewing my college notes mid October with the Graffeo as a guide. Now, I am digging the Engineering pro study guides. I study 3hrs on weekdays and 8-9hrs on weekends. I’m planning to finish all the topics first and then do the practice problems after. I have a lot of practice problems to play with after. complex imaginary, spin ups, engineering pro, testmasters, wasim, chelapati, shoebrooks, grafeo primer Hope i can finish them all. 😅
  8. Hey, I am looking for a dedicated study partner for PE Power. I'm taking the exam in Florida Area. Good luck to us.
  9. Brand New! NEC 2017 Index tabs - $15 NEC 2017 Reference Card -$15
  10. Is McGraw-Hill’s NESC2017 Handbook (Mcgraw Hill's National Electrical Safety Code Handbook) by David Marne,PE has a similar content with the IEEE 2017 NESC Handbook Premiere Edition (Orange book) and IEEE C2-2017 NESC (Purple Book)??? I have attached the cover of the books for reference. Thank you,
  11. Do you guys think printing a PDF ebooks and bind it in a 3 ring binder is fine bringing in the PE exam?
  12. I am just curious. Before seating on the exam, how do proctors or security personnel do their inspection in regards to your reference material that you will bring into your exam? Are they going to check them one by one? Or sheets by sheets?
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